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Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Fans Ripe For A New Apple Shop

They're a dedicated lot, these Apple people. The first pulled upu chairs about 11.30 pm Friday. More followed soon after midnight. By 10 am, Saturday, theline stretched for a block and a half.

DIY iPod Flashlight

If you don't want to shell out the $20 for the new Griffin iBeam flashlight (and laser pointer) accessory for the iPod, you can always shell out $20 for parts (fine, a little less) and build your own.

New Power Mac G5 Uniprocessor Firmware Update Posted

The update apparently corrects "unexpected issues" that have appeared on some Power Mac G5s after applying the first uniprocessor update, released earlier this month.

Analysts See Opportunity, Caution In Apple

With its iPod music player a hit and the new all-in-one iMac personal computer on the market, industry analysts say Apple's poised for more growth during the rest of the year and into 2005.

Apple Market Share To Grow Over Next Two Years

Strong iPod and iMac demand will lead to a strong fiscal first quarter ending in December.

The Laptop Experiment — Learning Or Laziness?

They are costly and some parents fear them, but teachers say students who use the computers are more eager to learn and are showing increased confidence.

Apple Makes Data Centre Inroads With Federal Deal

Apple Australia has landed a deal within federal government for its storage and server systems by selling 14 RAID storage systems and five Xserve G5 servers to the Australian Sports Commission.


Apple Needs To Dispel The Premum Price Myth

How To Save Your City Hundreds Of Dollars With A Mac

Why You Should Never Name Your Company After A Fruit

Apple iMac Less Expensive Than DIY PC

For Schools, Apple Offers Special iMac G5, eMac

While these special educational models offer some price savings, the question to ask when considering them is whether the savings come at too great a price.

For Whatever Reasons

New Windows updates, new anti-virus software, new ad-blocking software — regular people are starting to realize that the cycle never ends, that they are never going to successfully secure Windows, and that the easiest and best solution to the Windows security problem is not to use Windows at all.

Is The iPod Killing Music?

Any original, thoughtful musical creation demands your attention, all your attention, not the bit of brain that isn't grappling with the gears on the exercise bike.


Editing Photographs For The Perfectionist

In this article, I shall summarize my take on the most suitable products available for the perfectionist to finish photographs.

AirPort Express

ArtMatic Voyager

While Voyager is not going to make you give up dedicated 3D apps, it's easy, fun, and less of a hassle than making your own world from scratch.

Battlefield 1942

The pace of 1942 is just too slow. Still, it's an undeniably fun game, and if you digt the retro-war theme, then its huge outdoor maps and vehicles are a great way to relive the '40s.

iPod 40GB


PiXiMation should brag about how it just provided you with a great QTVR movie without costing you an arm and a leg.

Wireless Driver For Mac V3.0

If you don't mind violating your PowerBook with a PC card instead of an internal AirPort card, get this driver.


We thoroughly enjoyed playing XIII.

Audio Chatting: iChat Vs. Skype

iChat is a little older, and a little wiser. It's more stable, manages buddies better, has clearer quality in audio, and has video on top of that.


20 Years Later, We Are Still Teaching

20 years ago, Apple released the Macintosh, along with its wonderful user-interface guidelines.

20 years later, Jakob Nielsen still have to teach folks the difference between checkboxes and radio buttons.

Slate Goes Washington (Post)

One of the best thing that came out of Microsoft during the dot-com era is Slate, which is rumored to be bought over by Washington Post Company.

Good luck to all the fine people working behind the scene of one of my favorite web-zine.

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