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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

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The Seed Of Apple's Innovation

Steve Jobs: "Our primary goal here is to make the world's best PC — not to be the biggest or the richest. We have a second goal, which is to always make a profit — both to make some money but also so we can keep making those great products. For a time, those goals got flipped at Apple, and that subtle change made all the difference."


iPod Users Go Into The Closet

As Apple's iPod moves fast into the mainstream, many users shun the telltale white earbuds. Behold the closet iPod lover, some of whom are not too keen on the growing hordes of plebes with new iPods.

Microsoft Offers Office 2004 Service Pack 1

The service pack "addresses potential security issues and bugs that feedback played an important role in identifying."

Cherry OS Lets PCs Emulate Macs

It purportedly runs at about 80 percent of the performance of the host CPU, according to the developer.

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1 Update Released

Apple To Open First Delaware Store This Week

The new Apple Store is located at the Christana Mall in Newark.

Piper Jaffray Takes Shine To Apple

With Apple's stock trading at more than twice where it was a year ago, Piper Jaffray raised the bar for the shares even higher due to an anticipated benefit from increased iPod sales.

All I Want For Christmas Is AN iPod

"It was really surprising. They didn't say music player. They said iPod. Teens want to be cool, they want their music, and the iPod is a cool way for them to get their music."

Giving Apple's AirTunes A Second Chance Thanks To NetTunes

Shareware developer Dave Nanian made netTunes as a companion to AirTunes to solve the problems users of AirTunes encountered.

iPod US Marketshare Rises To 82 Percent


Use The iPod As A Trojan Horse? You Betcha

Why Classical Downloads Have A Long Way To Go

Even if my son doesn't share my penchant for '60s crooners, he can hardly expect me to throw out my CDs just yet.

When Is Tiger Shipping?

Is there any chance that some publishers know more than "the first half of 2005"?

Of Rumors And Ruminations

The trick to adding new features is to do it in a way that doesn't complicate the iPod's interface.


Will Linux Finish Off The Mac?

The premium cost of Apple hardware hurts and OS X only runs on Apple hardware.

Device Records Radio For Later

I believe the folks at Griffin Technology might want to refine the radioShark. I have every confidence that they can build an even better mousetrap, or radio program trap to be more precise.

Home Theater Harmony

Logitech's Harmony Remote is a universal and programmable remote control. It's also expensive, with a suggested retail price of $200 and up. However, it's the only universal remote I've used that actually relegates the originals to a drawer.

Apple iMac G5

Bargin hunters should look to the Apple eMac and power users to the Power Mac G5, but for anyone with a love of sleek, minimalist decor, this is the computer for you.

Virtual PC 7 Puts A (Sluggish) Windows PC On Your Mac


We Don't Need No Music Subscription Service For Our iPods

Podcasting to the rescue. :-)


Microsoft Ups Ante Vs. iTunes

What Dell Needs: A Jazzier DJ

Its attempt to unseat Apple's iPod is falling way short, so a spiffy new player would help this holiday season. Will Dell have one?

MSN Fighting Messenger Difficulties, Virus

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