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Monday, October 18, 2004


Google Not Ruling Out Desktop Search For Mac

Apple Improves Logic's Distributed Audio

The update improves Logic's distribution audio processing, which lets users expand the processing capacity of Logic systems by distributing complex software tasks to other Macs.

Apple's New "Mini" Stores

We Want To Know: Where's Apple?

Take this straight from the mouth of the CEO (and co-founder) of Apple Computer: There will be an Apple Store at Carousel Center mall.

History Haunts Jobs' Plans For Mansion

Preservationists don't want house moved.

Google Desktop In Firefox (Even On The Mac)

Intrepid developers have released the Firefox Toolbar that extends the Desktop Search to the Firefox browser on Windows and the Mac. Note: This news has been updated: "Google Desktop Search requires an .exe file that is currently only available for Windows 2000 and XP."

Santa Rosa Plaza

The waiting line for the grand opening of the Santa Rosa Plaza Apple store formed slowly, starting at 6 am.


Me: Never A Windows Technician

No viruses. No spyware. No popups. Take back control of your computer and browsing experience. Get a Mac.


The Great Ad Divide

Apple's iPod and Creative's Zen Touch are neck and neck in quality, but shrewd advertising puts Apple on top.

iPod Caters To Individual's Choice

There's been a buzz about those iPod products, and for the most part it's true.


Rumor Today: Speed-bumped iBooks, U2-edition iPod

Think Secret believes they are coming: new iBooks on Oct 19 (that's tomorrow), and new iPods around Nov 21, right when the new U2 album will be released.

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