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Thursday, January 27, 2005

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They're Off To See The Wizards

It was just past noon on a recent weekday at the Apple Store here [at San Francisco], and the Genius Bar was buzzing.


iPod Add-Ons: The Craze That Lasts

Makers of accessories for the digital players are profiting beyond their wildest dreams. Now Apple is offering its stamp of approval.

iPods Act As D.J.'s At Clubs Where Patrons Call The Tunes

Bar managers tend to have intimate knowledge of the jukebox, or leave music questions to the D.J. But that is changing in some bars, where customers who bring their own iPods have started to take control of the tunes.

University Of Pittsburgh: Reducing The Complexity In Complex Genetics

"We're just a bunch of scientists. We're not programmers. We write code when we need to solve our problems. Mac OS X on the Xserves allows us to run our existing and legacy statistical genetics code — originally written for Solaris and Linux systems — without having to modify it extensively."

Consumers Vote With Their Feet On iPod Shuffle

Want An iPod Shuffle? Just Pop Into 7-Eleven

For Apple and 7-Eleven [in Singapore], the tie-up is a win-win propoition. Apple gets access to a wider consumer base while the iPod Shuffle adds 'oomph' to the conveninence store chain's product range.

Apple Geek Seeks True Love, With iPod

The carefully nurtured 'Cult of Mac' helps build a hurricane of hype, but will it mean more sales?

Apple To Honor Price Difference On Mac Mini BTO Price Drops

Mac Mini SuperDrive BTO Change A Typo, Says Apple

The 4x/8x mixup was the result of a typographical error, according to an Apple spokesperson.

Podcasting: Hear What The Buzz Is About


Can Apple's Market Share Grow With Continuing Supply Restraints?

The glitch in the Mac system is that IBM can't deliver the G5 chip in sufficient quantities to satisfy Apple's needs.

If Only Life Were As Simple As A Mac

A computer shouldn't have to be figured out. It should just work. And also, it should smile.


Think Small

What was the best hting at CES? Macworld!

Prevent Mac Disasters

Eight simple steps you cant ake now to keep your Mac from falling apart.

Quicken 2005: Premier Personal Financial App Adds iPhoto Integration And Excellent Account Setup For New Users

There's little in Quicken 2005 that will make it a must-have upgrade for all current Quicken users.

Contribute 3: Web-Page Editor Gains Speed, Tools, And Administrative Features

Current users who upgrade will benefit from its improved performance, editing tools, and administrative control.

Painter IX: Changes To Interface And Brushes May Justify High Upgrade Cost

Corel is doing an excellent job with the program's interface, and the new features are well conceived and well executed.

The Mac Mini Experience

I have to say I'm extremely satisfied with my Mini. It does everything a desktop user like me could want. And it does it without hassles and how-to's and RTFMs.

Photoshop Elements 3.0: Upgrade Offers Enhanced Editing Tools And Streamlined Interface

While Photoshop Elements 3.0's flaws are unfortunate, they don't significantly detract from this must-have upgrade for digital photographers.


Rumor Today: Backup 3.0

AppleInsider: Apple is developing a major update to Backup, its data loss prevention software created specifically for .Mac users. Backup 3.0 will simplify backups through the addition of multiple backup plans, which are designed to secure users' most critical data, such as home folders, personal data files, and iLife content. The release will also allow users to schedule backups to any destination, and back up more than one computer to the same iDisk.

Rumor Today: PowerBook G5

Yes, the PowerBook G5 is definitely in the works, according to this article by The Inquirer.

Were there any doubts that Apple is working on the PowerBook G5?

Say "I Love You"

In addition to sending "I Love You" messages via balloons, you can now send plants. Specifically, a bean plant "which sprout to reveal a special message."


Is Mandatory Windows Validation A Security Risk?

"There are [people] who will simply refuse to validate, and their unpatched machines will be a bigger threat."

Microsoft, Regulators To Meet Over Longhorn

Microsoft is slated to meet with federal and state antitrust regulators next month to discuss possible areas of concern regarding Longhorn, Microsoft's next version of Windows.

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