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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Man Creates 'Fauxmercial' iPod Tribute

iPod Nation

If a decade is to be defined by its musical gadgets, Apple is poised to make the 2000s the iPod years.

Six Apart Adobe Reveal Weblog Alliance

Weblog application publisher SixApart and Adobe have got together to build support for weblogging into GoLive CS 2.

Duke iPod Porgramme Sees 1.6% Success Rate

In its roster of more than 1,000 courses, Duke has only fully integrated the iPod into the coursework of 16 — that's 1.6 per cent of classes.

You Are What You Listen To

Co-workers sharing digital music in the workplace via Apple's popular iTunes form impressions of each other based on their musical libraries, according to a new study by human-computer interaction researchers.

iPod Shuffle Packs Quality Components

Apple's care is obvious in the appearance of the components, and innovations to improve how the unit feels when you use it. The firm didn't hesitate to use expensive components when required.

Despite Claims, Apple Could Honor Warranties

The warranty situation has frustrated some of Apple's loyal customers.

Where's The FireWire?

Apple's decision to bundle iPods with only USB cables has some predicting the end of the competing standard. Experts tell us which one will win. (Hint: maybe both, but maybe neither)


Mac Or PC, No Longer A Problem

There is a blurring of lines between computer platforms these days, and it might be good news for computer users of all stripes.

Longhorn Not Threatened By Mac 'Halo' Effect

Not only won't Microsoft feel the halo effect of Apple's iPod, it may only be a matter of time before Apple is feeling the halo effect of Windows Media.

Point, Counterpoint: Mac OS X Is Great For Fortysomething Unix Hackers

Mac OS X is the intersection of almost everything that's good about the old Mac OS and the open source Linux desktops.

Macintosh Vs. Windows

While the argument may not end anytime soon, examining your personal goals and tastes, not to mention your wallet, may help solve the debate inside your head and at the cash register.


OpenOSX Office 1.5.1: Microsoft Office ALternative Has Some Hits, Many Misses

Apeiron X

Apeiron X is as satisfying today as it was ten years ago. If you enjoy arcade action, you should certainly check it out.

QuicKeys X3: Automation Utility Sports Improved Interface, More Programming Tools

If you can afford the high cost and time investment, QuicKeys is an excellent way to reduce the drudgery fo repetitive tasks.

FireWire Hard Drives: Portable, Desktop Storage Devices Compared

TextWrangler 2.0: Text Editor Gains Features, Now Free Of Charge

TextWrangler 2.0 is a text editor for anyone who has to handle large volume of text — clerical tasks, code writing, or Web site maintenance. It doesn't share BBEdit's advanced authoring and code management tools, but you can't argue with the price.

FireWire 800 RAID Storage

Hit The Road, Mac

What to take, what to leave behind, and how to travel smart.

Building A Holiday DVD

Replacing eFax With MaxEmail

I've been extremely happy with MaxEmail so far because it has just worked.

Laptop Listening: Laptop USB Speaker Systems Compared

In terms of sound quality, the least expensive model, the Sound Bite, surprised me by offering the best overall balance without being the best in any one area.


It's perhaps not as light and humorous as a tradtional Pac Mac game, but it's certainly memorable.

Instant-Messaging Software: iChat AV Has Nearly Perfected The Art Of Chat


The Synergy Will Annoy You

A local mobile phone carrier is partnering up with a local cinema operator here in Singapore to sell advertisement... What the hell are they thinking?

The last thing I wanted to be reminded of when going to the movies is that my enjoyment of the movie has been killed by the great service of the mobile phone carrier.

I WIll Blog For An iPod Shuffle — Or Two

Dominic Basulto: People will do just about anything for an iPod...


Microsoft Concdes On Most EU Demands

Attack Of The Anti-iPods

With flash and fancy features, new digital-music players are trying to pare Apple.

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