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Thursday, April 14, 2005


Numark's iPod DJ Mixer

University Of Pittsburgh Gets Xserve G5 Cluster

Apple's Profit Soars Sixfold On iPod, Macintosh Sales

Apple said second-quarter earings soared more than sixfold as the devices propelled sales and helped win new customers for more-profitable Macintosh computers. Net income surged to $290 million, or 34 cents a share, from $46 million, or 6 cents, a year earlier. Sales rose 70 percent to $3.24 billion.


Linux Can't Kill Windows

There's only one platform that can stand toe-to-toe with Windows, and that's the combination of OS X and Java.

Apple And The Year Of The MP3 Player

You can attribute the soaring popularity of portable music players to the iPod phenomenon engineered by Apple.

Stupid Headline Tricks

How about we make it through the April 29 release without the pun-ridden headlines that probably sound cute and catchy in story meetings, but read pretty lame once they're on the page.

Tiger Roars As An OS

This OS is nirvana for productivity.

Is Mac OS X 'Tiger' Rolling Over On Windows Support?

Could Apple be skimping on Windows integration with its forthcoming "Tiger" version of Mac OS X? Support for Mac clients in the enterprise still looks scant to many on the front lines.


Lemonade Tycoon 2: New York Edition: Sim Game Offers Trump-Style Challenge

The game's graphics engine certainly won't set the world on fire. But the game itself is a satisfying challenge that will appeal to casual gamers.

Project Nomads: Strategy Shooter Can't Overcome Lousy Game Play

Project Nomads is a 3-D shooter with real-time strategy elements — and it fails spectacularly in both genres.

Apple iPod Mini Lanyard

This is a well-made, resonably attractive product that will only be appealing to a very narrow audience.

New Office Name

You can force Microsoft Office's Setup Assistant to rerun by following these steps.

Shuffle Play Through Foreign Mac

The tirck to making this work on a Mac is employing a different application to play the songs on the shuffle.


American Women Have No Nipples (Before 10 pm)

Jef Jarvis: We are now at the point where a woman's clothed anatomy is deemed to be injurious to children. That's childish itself; it's absurd; it's sexist; it's more offensive than any nipple, even Janet Jackson's.


Tablet PC: The Next Generation?

Could the hottest new Tablet form factor end up being a mini Tablet/eBook hybrid? Microsoft seems to be betting on it.

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