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Friday, April 15, 2005

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Music Moguls Trumped By Steve Jobs?

Nearly two years after Apple's iTunes launch, record executives have become worried that they have inadvertently ceded too much power over their industry to Steve Jobs.


The Plasticsmith Debuts Mini Shack For Mac Mini

Apple To Open New Florida Store Next Week

Apple's Shares Get Bruised

Shares of Apple tumbled nearly 6 percent a day after the maker of iPods and Macintosh computers reported better-than-expected quarterly earnings but a weak revenue forecast raised concerns among investors.

Stocks Of iPod Suppliers Fall After Sales Disappoint

Shares of companies that supply parts to Apple's iPod were hammered Thursday after shipments of the music player failed to meet lofty expectations.

Apple's Disappointing iPod Unit Demand

Apple's Rendezvous Renamed 'Bonjour'

Apple Updates iDVD, iMovie HD And iPhoto


Does The OS Still Matter For Graphics Pros?

Apple's Tiger delivers solid features, but the system is less of a factor if the software compensates for OS weaknesses.

Taking A Bite Out Of Apple

Yes, Apple creates super cool products, but the insular mindset of Steve Jobs et al is causing it to fall behind in the race to provide video over the internet.

Damn, That's A Lot Of iPods...

Apple got it right to the point where other companies are in an unenviable position similar to Grok,t he prehistoric transportation designer, who learns that Ubgack, the competitor across the swamp, has just invented the wheel.

Does iPod Shufle Foreshadow Hope?

I'm wondering if when looking back a few years from now, iPod shuffle will turn out to be the first mistake and also the model for what competitors need change to beat back the onslaught of iPod sales.

Bright Days Ahead For Apple

Hopefully Apple will leverage its consumer success into growth in business market too.

Should Apple's Shareholders Worry?

The same market newness that's opened the door for the iPod's growth has invited competition into Apple's arena — an arena with fickle tastes, to boot.


Apple iPod Camera Connector

This is an elegant Apple solution at a great price.

iPod Shuffle: Life Is Random, But Your Digital Music Doesn't Have To Be

It's going to be hit-or-miss for just about everyone; some people will love it for its price and simplicity while others will hate it because it doesn't exactly offer many optiosn (or a screen).


KnightShift is a resonably fun and humorous title, yet it does not break out as a spectacular title.


The Beeb On Your Pod

More podcasts from the BBC is coming soon...

Yet Another Weekend Is Upon Us...

... so, what have you done this week for the goodness of the world? :-)


Microsoft More Open About Longhorn Features

Longhorn will be easier to use, more secure, and less costly to manage, execs insist.

Where's That Windows Media Player Update?

Microsoft's inability to ship a timely update for users of its Windows Media 9 Series has triggered new questions about Microsoft's handling of a legitimate security threat to consuemers.

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