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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Artisan, iPod Help ARM Raise Q1 Sales, Profits

Imitation Is Purest Flattery As Apple, Microsoft Battle

Both Longhorn and Tiger are focusing heavily on desktop search, which users will employ to find documents stored on their hard drive. Other likenesses between the new Windows and various versions of OS X include see-through windows and similar icons. As to who stole whose search idea, both companies are doing their fair share of finger-pointing.

iPod Killers?

With innovative services and snazzier phones, the telecom players figure they can swipe a chunk of the digital music market that Apple cracked open with its iconic iPod.

When iPod Goes Collegiate

The iPod's debut in college classrooms seems to be provoking an odd mix of euphoria and bafflement.

Java Glitch Hits OS X Update

A minor update to Mac OS X is causing headaches for some computer owners, who find their systems no longer work properly when using Java-based applications or visiting certain web sites.

Developers React To Adobe's Macromedia Buy

Adobe's proposed acquisition of Macromedia took software developers by surprise, stirring a mix of apprehension and optimism about the fate of the joined companies and their respective software titles.

Adobe Executive Discusses Macromedia Buyout

"We have a lot of work to do in the next six months to determine what level of integration the two compaies have."

Report: Apple Making Its Mark In Life Sciences


iWork Spreadsheet To Be Based On Lotus Improv?

I hereby predict that whatever spreadsheet Apple releases for iWork (if any) will be tremendously lacking in features compared to Excel. But it will have these "new" "ground-breaking" features that Lotus Improv had.

The Ubiquity Of The iPod

The iPod represents the next great step in technology for consumers, after the internet and the cellular phone.

Adobe, Freehand And Previous Acquisitions

It turns out that this is not the first time Adobe buys a company taht owns competing products.

Adobe + Macromedia = ?

If you're hitching your career to Flash, it might be a good time to look at alternatives.

Can I Have My Name Back — Now?

The 17 year nightmare is over.

Macromedia + Adobe

I think that it is this culture of openness and participation that has made us so successful over the past couple of years. This is not going to change. Indeed, I think that this culture of openness and participation is one of the reasons that Adobe was interest in bringing our companies closer together.

Looking Back Over 15 Macintosh Years

This week marks our 15th anniversary of TidBITS, and although we remain somewhat astonished that we've maintained a weekly publication schedule through so many years, the evidence that we've done so is incontrovertible.

What The Cartel Thinks

The fact that iTunes continues to dominate just might be a clue that Steve Jobs' onto something.

Who's Out Of iTune?

Without iTunes, the digital download revolution arguably would not have gained the legitimacy and success it now enjoys.

Is The Mac A Cult?

The Buyout Blues

What bothers me about Adobe's Macromedia buyout is that it further narrows choice in a marketplace that already ahd too few choices.

Adobe Buys Macromedia

There is no antitrust standard, and there will be no enforcement.

Adobe Swallows Macromedia

The future is clearly about a very small number of graphics developers with integrated applications.

What's Up With The Transparent Window In Safari?

My question is... why?


The Mercedes Of iPod Headphones

Yet much as I appreciate the sound quality I can't quite see myself dropping $300 for something I abuse as much as I do a pair of headphoens.

A Fix For Broken Java After 10.3.9 Upgrade


Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

There is one good thing, in my opinion, in Apple being forced to change the name of Rendezvous to Bonjour: a lot people know how to pronounce Bonjour. :-)

Rumor Today: iChat AV As A Productivity Tool According to sources who saw the Apple FCP5 demo at NAB, iChat AV will be able to show what you play in FCP while videochatting.

See It First, On The Mac

Todd Bishop: Talking with Apple's Ken Bereskin, I explained that my main job... is to write about Microsoft and related subjects. He smiled and said he understood why I was meeting with Apple: "You want to get a year ahead on your writing."

Converge Now!

JL Watkins: Among all the options for back-up of... video data, an iPod [is listed] as a convenient way to store/archive video clips while on field shoots. There was something about it that seemed kinda trendy, but it's yet another example of all the convergence of different media platforms.

We Don't Like The Apple

New York Post: Apple Losing Its 'Abroad' Appeal: Study.

Relax, the post is talking about the Big Apple, not everybody's favorite fruit company. Unless, of course, you live in New York, or is depending on the tourist dollars.

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