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Friday, April 22, 2005


Apple Store Ships Mac OS X Tiger For Early Delivery

Apple has begun shipping Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

Man Mugged, Beaten By teens For iPod In Central Park

Apple Releases Java Update For Mac OS X v10.3.9

The update addresses an issue Apple described in a tech note published to its Support Web site earlier this week.

Video Pros Place Apple In Top Three For Spending

Video professionals cite Apple as third most likely recipient of increased spending this year, trailing Sony and Avid slightly.

The Missing Sync For Hiptop Released

Jobs Rebuts Eco-Group Claims At Annual Meeting

"They have good taste in picking the iPod, but that doesn't make their false statements true."


Think Desire

Why hasn't Apple changed the way we experience the web?

Apple Tech Support, I Love You

What follows is a compilation of experiences I had with the Apple support teams in France.

Skittish Adobe Buys Macromedia

Acquisition in keeping with history of fear.

Tiger Math

Has anyone bothered to look at Apple's "200+ new features" claim? I mean, what exactly constitues a "feature"? In Apple's world, just about anything.

In Defense Of Music Phones

Given consumer willingness to accept seemingly deal-breaking tradeoffs to add features to their cell phones, I think it's unwise to bet against the eventual rise of music-enabled cell phones. And given people's preference to carry as few devices as possible, I think that growth will be at the expense of the iPod.

In Defense Of The iPod

There's still a portion of the iPod circle that's outside the cell phone circle, and if that segment is as big as I think it is, Apple won't see a major slowdown in sales.

It's All In The Presentation

I saw Apple's Phil Jackson give the SoundTrack demo during the Final Cut Studio announcement last Sunday, and it was amazing.

Usability Research

I went down to Microsoft's RedWest campus during my lunch break today to participate in some usability testing for one of their Mac products.

Thinking Beyond The iPod

Phone-based music has tremendous potential but it doesn't necessarily lie in having Cingular become iTunes. It lies in discovering the unique ways in which mobile connectivity adds real value to people's love of music.



This is a game I've been addicted to for a long while now, a situation its flaw haven't even dampened.

iTunes Radio And You

Hands On With The 17-Inch PowerBook

Apple is continuing to innovate an dput useful updates in its PowerBook line.

Griffin EarJams

On the one hand they actually make the iPod earbuds useful to me by ensuring that they actually stay in my ears, but the sound quality suffers as a result.

iPod Shuffle


Another Microsefs Influence?

New word from the Hallway: Music Surfing on iTunes Music Store.

Microsoft PowerMac G5

Slap a sticker (or two) on the Power Mac G5, and we have a Microsoft PC. Great for developing games for the next version of Xbox.


Going Long On Longhorn

Mac owners — your truly among them — will no doublt chuckle at the audacity of some of the coming claims. Rest assured there will be no paucity of hyperbole in the remaining year-and-a-half run-up to the operating system's debut. It's going to be that way because every segment of the PC food chain is desperate for a megahit out of Microsoft.

Singapore's Creative Reports Earnings Dip

"The strategy is to drive market share. This was our second consecutive quarter of selling 2 million MP3 players, an achievement that further position us as an industry leader in the explosive MP3 market."

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