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Saturday, April 30, 2005


Steve Jobs' Review Of His Biography: Ban It

As far as advance publicity goes, Jobs and Apple could not have done a better job in generating buzz for the book in Silicon valley and elsewhere.

Crowds Gather At Apple's Second UK Store

Birmingham-based Apple fans had plenty to be excited about on Friday — the opening of the company's second European store and the arrival of the Tiger operating system.

Cobb County Board Approves Apple Contract

Crowds For Tiger Release Anything But tame

Analyst Sits Down With Apple Executive Team

After meeting with members of Apple's executive team this week, UBS Investment Research said sales of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger could potentially double that of Panther and that a refresh to the iPod product line is on the way.

Apple's Tiger Unleashed In San Francisco

Mac fans let out a collective roar Friday night, with thousands of eager shoppers turning out at Apple stores across the globe to scoop up Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger.

London Line For Tiger Event

That's a lot of London Mac geeks. Cool.

FileMaker Pro 7 To Get Automator, Dashboard Features

Apple Loses Henrico Laptop Bid

It's a crushing defeat for Apple, which made headlines four years ago when it won a contract to outfit Henrico County's middle schools with its own iBook laptop.

Apple Store Birmingham First Pictures


50,000 Blogs Talk About The iPod Each Day

Few products the last few years can show the same phenomenal growth rate as the iPod.

Tiger World Premiere Recap

The most fun was the hour-long demonstration of Automator I gave to several store guests.

Russel Lied To Me

RSS, Tiger Safari And The Bandwidth Bottleneck

So, When Will KHTML Merge All The WebCore Changes?

Code in safari is hugely inconsistent and changes are always interdependent.

King Lear, Meet Steve Jobs

Is Apple A Rule Breaker?

You have to love just about everything that Apple is doing these days — and it is once again laying down the bread crumbs for everyone else to follow — but Apple is also now a respected juggernaut with a $30 billion market cap.

Will Consumers Hear Tiger's Roar?

Any consumer product — movie, automobile or operating system — must be promoted to put the benefits front and center in consumers' minds.


Apple Takes Major Leap With Tiger

Want to see what the future of personal computing looks like? Don't wait for Microsoft to show you; go out and get yourself a copy of Apple's latest operating system release, OS X Tiger. It's that good.

Apple Mac Mini: This Impressive Small System Could Tempt You To Become A Mac User

The Mac mini provides an elegant way to enter the Mac universe without having to spend too much.

Everything You Need To Know To Install Tiger

With just a little bit of organization and some light thinking, we can turn this relatively mundane step (installing an operating system) into a pure moment of machine-tweaking, Mc-optimizing hypomania.

StickyBrain 3.4: Fast And Easy-To-Use Information Manager Puts Data At Your Fingertips

StickyBrain 3.4 may be the ideal freedom information manager, especially if you need something that excels at capturing information from other applications and putting it at your fingertips.

Software We Can't Work Without: Secrets Of Mac Superheroes

Here's the lineup of apps our distinguished panel of experts fire up every day on their own machines.

Giving OS X A Voice: Tiger Boosts OS X''s Accessibility Features

With Tiger, Apple seriously steps up the scope of Universal Access' powers.

survey: Mac Users Ready For Tiger

Weather Or Not

Griffin AirClick USB: Affordable Remote Control For Mac And PC Works Through Walls

Griffin's done good work here. If you'd like to be untethered from your computer, the AirClick USB is an excellent way to go.


Tiger, Tiger

Did you meet any tigers while checking out Mac OS X Tiger?


Some of us are busy installing Tiger, some of us are busy catching up on life. And then there are those who built iTables.

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