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Thursday, June 2, 2005


iPledge Allegiance To My iPod...

iPod advertisements represent an ideal synthesis of the economic principle of product differentiation with the American principle of independence.

Apple's iPod May Show Litte Sequential Growth

Goldman Sachs said Apple's second-quarter upside shouw be less than it has been and will have to be driven more by the Mac.

Apple Adds Third-Party iTMS Pay Service In Europe

Apple, Intel Looking To WiMAX?

Apple iPod Mini From HP Debuts In US

Apple partner HP has confirmed speculation and added iPod minis to its range of digital music players in the US.

French Consumers In Love With Apple

Lawsuit Filed To Stop Cobb County's Laptop Program

Former Commissioner Butch Thompson filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming that voters were not informed that a 1 percent sales tax would be used to start the program.

Tiger Named The Best OS

PC World today named Mac OS X Tiger the "Best Operating System" in its 100 Best Products of 2005.

Rob Griffiths, Join Mac Publishing


Coming Soon: iCulture

I love technology.

First Apple. Now, Here Comes Microsoft

Apple has turned the iPod and iTunes into mythic weapons that people see as hip. And in the process, they have aligned themselves with DIY youth culture, who live in the remix world.

Microsoft Office Open XML Formats

For us in Microsoft Mac BU, this represents an enormous undertaking on two fronts. Win Office is already well ahead of Mac Office in terms of support for XML, and the state of XML parsing on Panther is, well, less than desirable. The other is that, for the first time in the history of Office, we're attempting to ship a major architectural change that's being simultaneously implemented by both the Windows and Maicnotsh groups ass separate business units.


Apple Power Mac G5 Dual (2.7GHz)

The latest Power Mac represents the pinnacle of Mac computing.


No April Fool: MacTech April 2005 Is Out On Newsstand

I haven't read this magazine for years, but it is still going strong.

Except that, for reasons unknown to me, the April issue is just hitting the newsstand only now in June.

What Do You Mean It's "My Computer"?

Preston Gralla: Microsoft has announced it will finally get rid of those annoying "My" names it tacks in front of folders.

They are annoying all right. The "My" prefix implies that there are something in this computer — bought by my hard-earned money — is not mine.


Microsoft Adding XML Files To Office 12

Microsoft said the move to replace traditional binary file formats with open-standards-based XML versions will allow companies using Office 12 to more easily access data across XML's various applications.

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