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Tuesday, June 7, 2005


Minimal Updates For The Rest Of The Week

I'll be in Guangzhou, again, on a business trip. Updates will be minimal. Sorry.

Top Stories

Apple Throws The Switch, Aligns With Intel

After years of trying to get people to switch to Macs from Intel-based computers, Apple itself has switched.


Apple And Intel OK With Coders

For the most part, developers here at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2005 appeared willing to give Apple and Steve Jobs the benefit of the doubt. Some of this goodwill stems from the company's track record with previous transitions, first from 680x0 processors to PowerPC chips, and then from Mac OS 9 to OS X.

Apple's Decision On Chips Is Applauded By Programmers

Steve Jobs received a significant lift from his new principal software partners, Microsoft and Adobe.

Apple Developers Cautiously Upbeat On Intel

Apple developers aren't exactly looking forward to rewriting their applications to run on Intel chips, but the switch will have its benefits.

Wall Street Uneasy Over Apple-Intel Deal

Topping the list of analysts' concerns is that Apple risks alienating its core base of loyal customers, who expect Apple to differentiate its products from Windows-Intel machines.

New Life For The Old 'Star Trek' Project

The idea of porting the Mac OS to run on Intel processors wasn't new.

Next Major Mac OS X Release Named Leopard

Apple plans to release Leopard in late 2006 or early 2007 — in the same timeframe as Microsoft's Longhorn release.

Apple Delivers Two Millionth Copy Of Tiger

According to Apple, this makes Tiger the company's fastest selling operating system release ever.

Ballmer On Apple-Intel News: Whatever

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's reaction to Apple's decision to use Intel processors can be summed up in two words: "What's changed?"

Apple To Move To Intel Next Year

Apple announced plans to deliver models of its Macintosh computers using Intel microprocessors by this time next year, and to transition all of its Macs to using Intel microprocessors by the end of 2007.

WWDC 2005 Keynote Live Update


Step Away From The RD Field: Intel Inside

As always, Steve's arguments for the change were persuasive.

For Better Or Worse, We Are All In For A Headache

It will take some time, and some good progress reports on how this transition is going, before I calm down.

Intel-Apple: A First Reaction

The most important thing is probably to begin disentangling the emotion of the situation from the cold, hard technical facts.

Apple Fails to Meet (A Columnist's) Expectations

Who ever thought Apple would convert to Intel? Not me.

From Michael Gartenberg, Inside Moscone

This isn't a clone play. No running OS X on your Dell. No running Windows on your Macintosh out of the box.

My Intel-Related Request

Please don't start decorating Mac laptops with Intel Inside stickers the way most PC laptops are adorned.

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