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Friday, June 10, 2005


Developers Get Taste Of Intel-Based Macs

In late-night sessions this week, Apple developers have been getting their first look at how much work they have ahead to convert their programs to run on Intel-based Macs.

Apple Confirms Two New UK Retail Stores

Continuing its retail expansion, Apple has confirmed two new UK stores in Manchester and Sheffield.

Pentium M May Become Next Apple Core

Students 'Bribed' By iPod Scheme

Unemployed teenagers are being offered iPods to take part in a course aimed at helping them to find work.

Apple To Open Computer Shops In Czech Republic

Unfazed, IBM Pumps Power Chip Program

Fresh after getting publicly dumped by Apple, IBM is taking new measures to spread its Power processors and make them a stronger competitor to Intel chips.

Roxio Software Targets iPod Users

Digital media company Roxio is offering a software suite designed to let iPod owners fine-tune their song collections and other audio files.

Security Update 2005-006 Released

Apple, 7-Eleven Team Up For iTunes Slurpee Promo

Each promotional 32-ounce Slurpee cup is marked with a 12-digit code that's redeemable for one free song from the iTunes Music Store.

Apple Offers WebKit Open Source Project

Apple's site provides source code access for the software the company uses to create its Safari web browser.

Tougher Days, Bolder Apple

The big switch to Intel chips comes just as a sales streak is cooling. And, says one analyst, "That introduces risk."

Antitrust Review Of Adobe/Macromedia Acquisition Extended


Some More Pieces To The Apple Puzzle

One of the interesting things that happened at Apple over the last four to five years, is that almost every manager hired at the Director level or above has had not a hardware background, but a software background.

Are Tiger's Features Compelling Enough?

The real competition for the new version of Mac OS X is the network itself.

The Speed's The Thing

Did Apple Sue The Rumor Blogs To Keep Intel Deal Quiet?

Apple feared that the stories that for years had swirled around its possible switch to Intel would become grist for the rumor mill websites, and ultimately enough information from knowledgeable sources would surface to make it clear that it really was likely to heppen. So rather than the Mac mini hitting the market as the next big thing from Apple, it might instead have been perceived for what it really is: a last ditch shot at moving some PowerPC-based iron in volume before the truth about their future plans became known.

Going For Broke

If Intel was able to own the Mac OS and make it available to all the OEMs, it could break the back of Microsoft. And if they tuned the OS to take advantage of unique features that only Intel had, they would put AMD back in the box, too. Steve Jobs finally beats Bill Gates. And with the sale of Apple to Intel, Steve accepts the position of CEO of the Pixar/Disney/Sony Media Company. Remember, you read it here first.

What The Apple Plan To Switch To Intel Chips Means for Customers

In the long term, the change will strengthen Apple and the Mac, which is good news for anyone devoted to that platform or considering switching to it.

How Apple's Intel Switch Will Affect Users

Folks, the world of computing just got a lot more interesting.


Dora The Explorer: Animal Adventures

Nisus Writer Express

With its new features, Express is nipping at Word's heels.

Robin Hood: The Legend Of Sherwood


Popcorn is a simple, stable, and worth the money for anyone with DVD-backup needs.

Shade 7 Standard

While it's not the best choice for instant 3D gratification, Shade 7 Standard offers a strong mix of powerful modeling tools and killer rendering quality that will appeal to artists who can live without advanced animation wonders.

Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six 3: Athena Sword

Athena Sword has all the realism and tension of Raven Shield, but it winds up feeling like a carbon copy.


Sometimes, Having Steve Jobs Control Everything is A Good Thing

For example, buggy drivers galore in Wintel world.

Why You Should Shop Oinline

Because, well, it's just safer.

Bong... Ding Ding Ding Ding

From Jim Heid comes to brand new Intel-based Macintosh startup chime.

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