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Saturday, June 11, 2005


iPodLounge Becomes Labor Of Love For Site Founder

One glimpse of the sleek, snow-white digital music player and Dennis Lloyd got giddy.

iPod's Popularity Fires Apple Back Into FT500 Ranks

This marks a return of the technology company to the ranks of the world's top companies after falling out of the list in 2001.

What's Really Behind The Apple-Intel Alliance

In an interview, Mr Jobs rejected the notion that Apple might suffer from what is known as the "Obsborne Effect."

Forum Goon Visits Apple Store

Disguised as an iPod ad silhouette dancer, the goon bopped around the store for a full three minutes.

Roomy As An Empty Closet

Belief: Spot On

"Looking back, I wonder how we managed to wait for Mac OS X and how, without it, we were able to do the stuff we did."


DRM And Lock-In: Apple Vs. Microsoft

Ultimately, we are probably looking at a duopoly for all mass-produced multimedia content.

Hell Freezes over; It Must've Been The Liquid Cooling: Hannibal On The Apple-To-Intel Transition

The Mac, for good or for ill, is now free to follow the rest of the market and to leave the idea of hte PC behind even as it embraces the "PC' architecture.

Together We Can Rule The Galaxy

If this week's news proved anything, it's that Apple is unafraid to act boldly. But none of this means it makes sense for Intel to buy Apple.

Macintel: The Good Is The Enemy Of The Best


Ten PowerPoint 2004 Tips To Beat Tight Deadlines

I'll show you ten ways to use PowerPoint to put together slideshows that'll convince your audience that you spent days sweating over your mouse and keyboard.


What Is the First Song In Your iTunes For Every Letter Of The Alphabet?

Let's start a new irriating baton, seeing that I'm bored at this late hour of the night... :-)

What is the First Song in your iTunes/iPod for every letter of the alphabet? Mine are:
A Bicycle Built For Two (Disney)
Baby (Jungle Book)
C U When U Get There (Coolio)
Da Funk (The Saint)
E Susanna non vien! - dove sono/Mozart:Le Nozze di Figaro
Face Like A Frog (Danny Elfman)
Galileo (Amy Grant)
Hakuna Matana (Lion King)
I Am The Very Model Of A Cartoon Individual (Animaniacs)
J. Strauss Jr: Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
Kill To Know (Amy Miles)
L-O-V-E Love (Wynners)
Mac The Knife (Frank Sinatra)
N.Y.C. (Annie)
O Come All Ye Faithful (Bing Crosby)
Podcast Star (Jeff Oestreich)
Q + A (Jerry Seinfeld)
Radiation Boy (The Uptones)
Saboteurs (Hot Shots!)
T-1000 Terminated (Terminator 2)
UHF (Weird Al Yankovic)
Vanishing (Bryan Adams)
Waiting For Tonight (Jennifer Lopez)
Ya Never Know (Little Shop Of Horror)
Zat You, Santa Claus?

This probably reveals more about my lack of taste than anything else. :-) (I'm leaving out a whole bunch of songs that are not in English, and all the podcasts.)

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