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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Duke Analyzes iPod Project

Welcome To The iPod Economy

Ubiquitous technology creates new industry of accessories and add-ons.

Apple Co-Founder Says Innovation Is No Longer The Driving Force For PC Firms

The focus has shifted to volume sales.

Nominet Faces High Court Over iTunes Row

Nominet, the company responsible for regulation of .uk domain names, faces the prospect of defending its legitimacy in the High Court after the former owner of the web address applied for a Judicial Review of the company's authority to resolve disputes.

Apple Drops Single Processor Power Mac

Apple has quietly removed its 1.8GHz Power Mac G5 from sale through its online Apple Store.

'You've Got To Find What You Love,' Jobs Says

This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of APple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005.

Apple Rises On Upbeat Analyst View

Apple's stock got a boost on Wednesday amid upbeat comments by a Morgan Stanley analyst, who said the computer maker's pact with retail giatn Wal-Mart may be broader than some realize.

How Old Apps Will Run On New Macs

Apple has joined forces with a British start-up to ease the transition between PowerPC and Intel microprocessors.

College Students 'Remix' New York Art Museum

Just like DJs who take vinyl records or MP3 files to craft their own compositions, art lovers can now "remix" New York's Museum of Modern Art.

'Mactel' Desktops May Offer Triple-Threat OS

Apple won't stand in the way of people who want to run Windows on its forthcoming Intel-processor Macs. But whether or not users will be able to run Windows directly on the machines is still a mystery.

iPod Speakers Made For Parties On The Mother Ship

Apple's Intel Switch: Jobs' Keynote Transcript

Rapt Announces Product, Apple Pact

Rapt revealed that it has been hired by Apple to help determine what sort of pricing the company should employ for its gadgets and software.

Apple And Sundance Channel Sign Podcast Deal


Inside The Intel-Based Mac

Mac developers are enthusiastically on board, and the reason is Tiger.


iTunes: Still The Sweetest Song

Its rivals are getting stronger, but Apple's music management continues to be the leader. Indeed, it's the real hero in iPod's success.


iTunes 4.9: Really Soon Now

If you have a podcast, take a look at your log. If you don't see an iTunes request, then you know that your podcast is not important enough for the test engineers in Apple to subscribe to. :-)

Rumor Today: gTunes?

Dave Winer: I've been hearing rumors that Google is readying an iTunes-clone, based on RSS 2.0, and fully podcast-capable. Multiple sources on this one.


Singaproe Creative A Sell On MP3 Woes

Shares of Creative have fallen 53% from their 2005 high, but many analysts still recommend investors stay away from the maker of computer sound cards and digital music players.

Creative's iPod Photo Rival Delayed

It has become clear that Apple, although it may be at a disadvantage in features, intends to price its competitors out of the market.

PC Vendors Snub Antitrust Altered Windows

PC vendors such as HP and Dell are ignoring a version of Windows without a bundled media player, raising questions about the effectiveness of the Europe's antitrust ruling.

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