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Wednesday, June 22, 2005


CodeWeavers CrossOver To Support Intel-Based Macs

CodeWeavers on Wednesday announced plans to support Intel-based Macs. CodeWeavers makes CrossOver and CrossOver Office. The software allows Linux users to use software designed to work on Windows operating systems without needing to have Windows installed.

Creatives Customize iPod Shuffles

While those white earbuds may still be the it accessory, to really turn heads, you'll want them coming not from an iPod, but an Altoids tin. Or a pack of gum. Or maybe even a hand-sewn, beaded Hello Kitty case. in short, you're going to need to mod that shuffle up.

Pod Slurping Dangerous To Enterprises

With more than 30 million iPods in circulation and models packing as much as 30GB of storage space, the gizmo makes a perfect tool for data theft.

Interview: Odeo Founder, Evan Williams

Blogging pioneer moves into podcasts.

Logitech To Debut Wireless Headphones For iPod

Positive Vibes For Audible's Podcasting Venture

The spoken word company is about to launch its podcasting solution this Friday at Gnomedex.




The iCurve is nothing more than a piece of plastic. But oh, what a piece of plastic it is.

Freezing The Play Order Of A Shuffled iTunes Playlist

Tweaking Tiger Mail

Mail doesn't have to remain in the default state, and utilities to tweak it so it looks more like it used to popped up very quickly after Tiger was released.

Shuffle And Missing Playcounts

iTunes 4.8's Movie Error


Compatible With iTunes?

I remember that, once upon a time, there was a whole host of MP3 players that were marked compatible with iTunes on the Macintosh. What happened to them? Did everyone just gave up and went home?

Apple's Appeal

We continue to be fascinated by Apple's advertisements, whether they are on the train or bus stops.

New Addition To The iPod Family

Introducing the iPod Flea: size of a tic-tac, and holds one song.

Stick one into your left ear, one into your right ear, and you have your very own mash-up. :-)


Here's 50 great summertime projects for your and your Mac mini.

Citizen Reporting Next?

These are definitely still columnist rather than journalist, but look at the recent reports from Singapore's blogosphere: Fire at Plaza Singapura mall, and Form Prank at Ngee Ann City mall...


WTF may mean World Taekwondo Federation, but almost everyone, including me, will read it otherwise. :-)

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