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Thursday, June 30, 2005


NPR Without The Attitude — Or Radio

Podcast by UCSC duo now available at Apple's iTunes.

iTune Phones: Finally, Some Noise

The mobile phone — or rather, a family of iTunes phones, ranging from low end to high end — will become available to consumers before Christmas.

Apple Launches 'Back To School' Web Site

Apple has launched a Back to School web page, with its first special deal targeted to college student.

SigmaTel Shortfall Not Likely To Affect Apple

Apple's Pie In The Sky

The iPod shows whhy Apple is a great company.

Battery Upgrade Gives iPod A Charge

FastMac has created some buzz among those iPod users disappointed with the lifespan of their music player's original battery.

Interview With Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Apple At NECC 2005: New Teaching. New Learning. New School.


Apple's Porno Podcasts, Explicit And Unlabeled

I'm very disturbed that Apple, a company I've trusted to have goo djudgment, seems not to be concerned about the presence of pornography in their podcasts.

iTunes 4.9, Podcasts, More Like Time Shifted Radio

The real podcasts are being passed off as "indie podcasts."

New Mac Mini?

The upcoming product announcements may be a lot more interesting than some new iPods and the much anticipated iPod phone.

Dude, You're Getting A Mac!

Seriously, I wish that Apple would exempt Xserve and Power Mac from this improvement program. I'd like to be reassured that something better than what Intel is selling to Dell today will replace G5.



Please Do Not Lock Me In

Simon Roberts: Users need to keep control of items like their subscription lists to avoid vendor lock-in.

Dave Winer: It turns out that iTunes does export its subscription list, in a weird format I've never seen before. Why not use the same on everyone else does?

What You Mean, "Old Jobs"?

One Canadian's Comments On Life: I miss the keynotes that were webcast live, where you knew something cool was going to be announced.


Microsoft Might License Xbox Software

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