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Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Apple's Not-So-Grand Entrance

Industry observers expect that Apple's move to a more widely used PC architecture will cause some shuffling among Taiwanese contract manufacturing firms, mostly because Apple will have more options available.

Apple Reseller Rides The iPod Wave

Apple distributor Renaissance has more than doubled its profit and has predicted further growth as it rides the iPod boom.

Cobb School Board Pulls Plug On Laptops

Cobb County school board members will no longer try to equip its students with laptop computers, agreeing in spirit with a Superior Court judge's order to immediately halt the groundbreaking program.

HP Likely To Stop Bundling iTunes By '06

Apple Changes Podcast Rankings

Apple changed the way it lists its most popular podcasts int he iTunes Music Store over the weekend, using the term "Today's Top Podcasts" in place of "Top Podcasts." The move came shortly after Podcaster Adam Curry noted that the "Top Podcasts" list was time-based, rather than an aggregate figure.


HP Minus iPod: Why It Makes Sense

The moral of the story: that HP once again has to come up with its own unique strategy, one that reflects and builds on HP's culture and capabilities.

A Convert With A Crush On His Mac

This anniversay marks my second as a Mac convert. Over the past two years, my Mac has lived up to all its promises and has never ceased to delight me.


Game Room: A Eulogy For The Tapwave Zodiac

How To Multi-Import Audio Files

Mac Loses Windows' Dates

Control-Key-Free Contextual Menus

One Finger Snap is especially useful for PowerBook and iBook users, since they can't replace their trackpad with a multi-button version, but it's even helpful for thos who've already purchased a two-button mouse for their Mac.


Never Start By Blaming Others...

Out Of Cheese: If your application has performance problems in certain areas, chances are it isn't due to objc_msgSend.

Creative Admits They Lost

Stop making fun of Creative Technologies. They've lost the self-declared MP3 war, and they know it. So, Sim Wong Hoo, the CEO, is now diverting your attention. No, he said. The bigger goal is something else altogether. Stop focusing on our little war with Apple, he pleaded. Look at the bigger picture — the living room, he claimed.

On second thought, you can make fun of Creative, while people still know who Creative is. :-)

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