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Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Apple Updates 'Switch' Campaign Pages

Apple has published new-look 'Switch' pages on its US site. The page lists ten good reasons for users to move to Mac, alongside purchasing advice and six ways to take data from a PC to a Mac.

Apple To Give Levy Back To iPod Owners

Music lovers who paid extra for their iPods because of a levy will soon be able to get their money back, Apple Canada announced Monday.

Apple Continues To Hold 'Substantial Lead' Over Competitors

Rush And NPR Find A New Way Into Ears

Although podcasting triumphalists deserve to be deflated, the technology actually is a big deal.

Insiders: Mac OS X Developer Cashing In

Bertrand Serlet, the Frenchman who played a critical role in developing and creating Mac OS X, is getting his slice of the Apple pie.

VTV/Molinare: Pushing Broadcasting To The Limit

Apple comes up trumps for Le Tour.


Has Apple crippled iTunes 4.9 To break Podcasts?

iTunes has broken a key function of my iPod — the ability to use Smart Playlists on the iPod device itself.

Apple On The Brink

Let The iBook Buyer Beware

After four years of being tossed around in backpacks, these iBooks are not in premium condition.

Do Apple Still Exist?

It seems that there are people out there who do not know that Apple make the iPod.

On Using Mighty Mouse Correctly

Calling iTunes

There's a direct-dial number, damn it. There has to be. I wil not rest until I find it.

Emerging Alternatives To Windows Vista

Until Apple can addres the need for a multi-year roadmap that businesses can refer to, get a stable platform that will be deployable over a long period of time, and designate multiple hardware vendors clients can bid against one another to ensure the lowest price, enterprises simply won't buy Apple broadly.

Why The Market Is Wrong On Apple

Coding Humor Into Their Style Sheets


Insomnia And The Search For Long Songs

Over the weekend a variety of factors — a bout with insomnia, a somewhat parsimonious nature, a nostalgic yearning for the comedy of my youth, and a love flr all-things-Miles — set me to exploring the iTunes Music Store for really long tracks at a really low price.


I Don't Like The Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse doesn't measure up in design and function to many other mature mice. Its unique features are unique but not compelling.

Open Files From The Trash

Expanding The View With A Dell LCD Display

Never going back.

Surfing Music

If you've got the wireless network to use AirTunes, chances are good that you've also got a wireless laptop or some other wireless device. You can actually use these devices as your "iTunes remote."

Skip The Drip

Mighty Mouse: First Impressions


Rumor Today: Backup 3, .Mac Widgets Expected Soon

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