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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Tribeca Hotel NYC Offers In-Room Mac Package

Even hotels are experimenting with digital lifestyles, with New York's Tribeca Grand offering a 'Director's Cut' package including complete film-making equipment using Macs.

Hackers Bring OS X Intel To PCs — Video

At Duke U, Public Radio Comes To iPods

iBook Troubles Encountered

Dozens of Henrico graduates leave sale without a $50 laptop.

Biddies Break Through With Podcasts

What a difference a podcast makes. Or more precisely, a whole bunch of BiddyCasts.

Podcast Added To Oxford Dictionary Of English

BBEdit 8.2.3 Includes "Universal Binary"

The new release runs natively as a "Universal Binary" on PowerPC-based Mac hardware and on Apple's Intel-based "Developer Translation Kit" hardware.

Real Reveals Real Apple Legal Threat

RealNetworks has admitted its move to make tracks acquired through its US-only Rhapsody music service iPod-compatible puts the company at risk of a legal suit by Apple.


Continuing Pressure On Mac Users

Apple needs to show up in other venues besides WWDC to help create awareness that will support some of these faithful Mac enterprise users.

Do Macs Exist?

If I only hung around the PC media, the Mac appears to be a quaint footnote.

Calling iTunes, Part 2

There is no Loch Ness Monster. Walt Disney has not been cryogenically preserved. And, apparently, there is no customer service number for iTunes.

Apple iTunes Rocks Japan

Apple has been a hit before, and it is again. The company has also dropped to the bottom of the charts more than once, and will again. You're welcome to your opinion, but I wouldn't bet on that happening anytime soon.

Today Japan, Tomorrow... Who Knows?

If Apple could sell you music, it would. It's just that for each new store, Apple needs to negotiate new deals with record labels and artists, explore the market, set prices, and so on.


Turn Your Old Mac Into A Backup server

Dedicated server makes life easier, data safer.

Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock MP3

Transportable speaker system sounds good but offers ill fit for iPods.


No Walls Please

Music need not have borders — execpt those erected by lawyers. All the current borders that exist within the iTunes Music Store are all "man-made", and none of them are technical nor social.

Speaking from someone from a land that will probably never get a local version of iTunes Music Store, I sincerely wish that Apple is working on a truly global iTunes Music Store. I'm pretty sure there will be enough musicians (and podcasters) who will support this store to make it worthwhile for Apple.


Microsoft Pushes For New Players To Rival iPod

Microsoft said Wednesday that Apple's best-selling iPod music player will face increased competition from new products in the end-of-year shopping season.

Singapore's Creative To See FY2006 Earnings Downgrades After Q4 Loss

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