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Saturday, August 20, 2005


ATI Card Woos Mac And PC Owners

Seems graphics chip maker is hedging its bets with the new Radeon 9600 Pro card.

iTunes Phone Won't Be At V Fest

While certain sectors of the British press had convinced themselves that Motorola would announce its first operator deal with the UK's Virgin Mobile at the V music festival this weekend, a virgin Mobile insider denied it catagorially.

Josell Ramos And Chip Eberhart: The Foundation Of House

"Final Cut made me more comfortable with editing. I didn't need a huge technical support group like I would have with other programs."

STScl: Making The Universe Shake

How to take a 627-million-pixel image and turn it into a film? The answer to that problem was Shake.


Google And Apple: Are They Media Bullies?

These tech darings are acting as though they don't understand how the internet has changed journalism — and our lives. Maybe they should take PR lessons from Microsoft.

Podcasting Will Be A Losing Game For Most Big Media

I doubt anyone will pay for podcasts from the MSM when they can get the same content free though other channels.

Silence Is Golden

It's like a luxury car: I start it up and can't even tell it's running.

Mossberg: Full of Complaints About Subscriptions

Subscription plans are not all about the To Go element.

That Application Support Idea

I cannot help but wish that applications could, much like in the early Mac OS X days, go back to a more organised file placement system.


DEVONthink Goes Pro

What Is ClamXav (And Do Mac Users Really Need Antivirus?)

Battle Of The Movie-Making Tools: Why Windows XP Movie Maker 2 Beats Apple's iMovie HD

Six Slick iPod Hacks

Enhancements for pimping out your 'pod.


What Happens When Scoble Meets Steve Jobs

Well, nothing much apparently.


Week In Review: Worm Wallops Windows

A new worm initially thought to be pretty harmless ended up mutating into a series of worms that could shut down Windows PCs, leading some to believe that a war among hackers was to blame.

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