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Friday, September 2, 2005


iPod Manufacturer Sees Revenue Double

Inventec is one of principal suppliers to Apple.

T-Mobile To Ship iTunes Phone

During a German press conference yesterday, the company hinted at its plans in a slide that looks at its mobile music strategy.

Apple Uses iTunes To Collect Donations For Hurricane Victims

Apple is now accepting donations on behalf of the Red Cross for victims of Hurricane Katrina through its iTunes music Store. Donation amounts to $5 to $200 are available on the site hosted free of charge by Apple.

Apple Joins With O2 To Launch iPod Mobile Phone

Apple is preparing to bring its combined iPod and mobile phone to Britain in the next few weeks in conjunction with mobile operator O2, The Times has learnt.

Creative Could Find It Hard To Take A Bite Out Of Apple

Some observers believe the patent 'victory' could turn out to be a moral one.

Apple Discontinues Mac Mini 'Test Drive' Offer

Apple confirmed that an offer the company made available just yesterday to test drive the Mac mini has been discontinued. The company offered no reason why the promotion had been discontinued or what would happen to customers that had already placed an order.


Apple vPod Concept Hasn't Ripened Yet

A Windows Media Tip

It looks like Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X expects to find something, be it a library or a file, that belongs to Mac OS 9 on the drive and fails f it doesn't.


Tricking Out iTunes

Plugins and hacks to max out your music.


Some Encouraging Words From Google

Google — the great internet application company — has tons of applications that requires the Windows operating system. Afterall, the richness of desktop GUIs pioneered by Apple is still not matched by the web yett.

Today, Google tipped its little toe into the aqua water of Mac OS X with the release of Gmail Notifier for Mac OS X

But the better news is in the last paragraph of this blog entry: "Though this is the first, it won't be the last native Mac application that Google delivers", promised Greg Miller. "So please, Mac users, stay tuned!"

Rumor Today: Windows Vista (codenamed Longhorn) Has Been Pushed back

The latest rumor: Windows Vista's release has been pushed back to September/October 2006.

In the great OS battle of the 2006, Apple has not even showed its real hand — all we know is that it will also run on Intel platform — and Microsoft has already fallen behind. :-)

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