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Thursday, September 8, 2005


No More Silhouettes

Rather than dancing silhouettes, Apple's new TV adverts feature hands — slowing just how tiny the new music device is.

iPod Economy Hits A Rush

Apple is beginning a laser focus on its "Made for iPod" scheme, revealing that "over 1,000" accessories are available, while 700 (including "in development" products) carry the company badge.

Audio Overboard

Podcasting — what was predicted to be the hottest new trend in portable music — has been slow to catch on at the university.

Apple's iPod Cost Likely Went Up — In A Flash

By using flash memory rather than mini-hard drives in the iPod nano music players, Apple likely increased its own component costs, said analysts.

Apple Posts QuickTime Of Steve Jobs' Special Event Announcements

Harry Potter Comes To iPods

Analyst: iPod And Phone A One-Two Punch For Apple

The release of the long-awaited iTunes phone and the introduction of the sleek iPod nano put an already strong line-up of iPods in a good spot for the upcoming holiday buying season.

QuickTime Update 7.0.2 Released

Is The Time Right For Phone-Music Player Hybrids?

Teaming with Cingular may provide the market sweet spot Apple and Motorola are looking for.

Apple Introduces iPod Nano

Apple on Wednesday introduced the iPod nano, its replacement for the enormously popular iPod mini. The portable music player is available in 2GB and 4GB capacities for US$199 and $249 respectively, and is also avaialble in both black and white designs.

iTunes 5 Adds New Search, Refined Interface, More

Playlists can be organized into folders, and a new "Smart Shuffle" feature lets users change the "randomness" of shuffled songs.

Apple Highlights Harry Potter, iPods In Cars

Motorola ROKR Debuts As First iTunes Phone

Apple Music Event: HIdden Goodies

The 100 track lmitation in ROKR is part of a DRM scheme that prevents the phone from playing more than 100 tracks.


Did Apple And Motorola Get The ROKR Right?

Where's The Revenue Stream?

I believe Apple is getting a cut of the profits from every ROKR sold by Motorola.

ROKR And iPod Nano


iPod's Latest Siblings

The nano has the best combination of beauty and functionality of any music player I've tested — including the iconic original white iPod.

iPod Phone Isn't Perfect, But It's A Start

If you're looking for an iPod phone, the Rokr isn't it; it stands no chance of living up to the hyperventilating hype of the last few weeks. But as an iTunes phone — the only one on earth that lets you carry subsets of your Apple store-bought music on errands and other short missions — the Rokr is great-sounding, reasonably priced and a lot of fun.

First Look: iPod Nano

First impressions of a cool way to put 1,000 songs in a very tiny pocket.


Where's The Must-Have Apple Holiday Product For Those With A Larger Christmas Bonus?

The iPod nano is fine and tandy for those who treasure the smaller size in exchange for lesser features, but where's the must-have Apple holiday product for those who want to spend more to get more?

The mystery thickens now that Apple has promised no Steve Keynote during Paris expo: so where and when will the next special event?

Or is this it?

(Don't even suggest the iTunes phone. 100 songs maximum? That's so lame.)

Hey, Where's Your Podcast?

Where's the Apple's podcast that features Steve's special event presentation?

We're Only Up To "K"

As seen on the Daily Show by the Accordion Guy: Locusts is next.

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