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Friday, September 9, 2005


Mac Community Must Wake Up To Security

Apple Corners Korean MP3 Players

Leading Korean MP3 player brands expressed concerns over Apple's low price policy although they abstained from giving their official stances on Apple's latest move.

Domestic MP3 Firm Sulk At Apple's New Player

The South Korea domestic MP3 player industry is sulking, saying the iPod nano owes its exceptionally low price to Samsung Electronics.

iPod-Equipped ROKR A Great Decoy

But Apple may someday need a phone of its own?

Clothing Makers Latch On To iPod Craze

With no end in sight to the iPod craze, everyday clothing makers are offering a growing selection of apparel designed so consumers can easily carry their digital music players without getting their wires tangled.

Critics Slam New iTunes Phone

Apple Shares Surge To All-Time High

Apple shares hit a fresh all-time high Thursday, a day after the company unveiled an expected iPod phone with Motorola and surprised Wall Street with a new version of its market-leading music player.

The iPod Nano: Accessories Addressed

As the initial excitement passes,t he question many people are likely to be asking is this: "Will the iPod accessories I already own, or the ones currently on the market, work with the nano?" Playlist has spent the past couple days with a new nano, and here's what we can tell you.

QuickTime 7 For Windows Released

Kanye Likes Steve's Hair

Inside The iPod Nano

It appears that the 4GB iPod nano features two 2GB flash chips while the 2GB features only one.

Kensington Offers New iPod Accessories


Not The iPhone

As far as Apple's reputation is concerned, there's a big differece between a Motorola ROKR (with iTunes) going down the drain and an Apple iPhone going down the drain.

iDevelopers! iDevelopers! iDevelopers!

The iPod's no longer a player, it's a platform. The others? Just players.

Putting It Together

Just as the competition gets a lock on the iPod mini, Apple completely changed the game — that's what it takes to continue to lead this type of fast flowing market.

Schizo Interface

Why Apple? Why? Why do you torture us so?

Why An iTunes Phone Instead Of Software?

Apple probably wouldn't have made a whole lot of headway into this mobile phone music market without coming up with something they could sell to both a wireless provider and a hardware manufacturer.


So You Wanna Get To Know iTunes 5.0

iTunes 5.0 feels a lot more integrated and sleeker than iTunes 4.9, particularly when it comes to podcasts.


My iPod Is Sad

This morning, my iPod mini — my trusted companion on trains, bus, and at work — tells me that she is sad.

Why I ask? Even though you are discontinued, you'll still be around for a long long time. There will be music. There will be podcasts. There will be Adam Curry playing the latest podsafe tunes.

No, she replied. I'm still sad. There will be no more accessories that fit my figure. No more beautiful stuff that I can wear to make me more beautiful.

And so both of us are sad.


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