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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Apple Bolsters Mac OS X For Intel Development Efforts

Analyst: Early iPod Nano Sales Good, Not Great

iTunes Upgrade Has Users Griping

Complaints about iTunes 5 for Windows have surfaced over the past few days on numerous blogs and discussion boards, including the company's own discussion board at

EFF Wins Right To Unseal Apple Court Documents

The documents show that Apple planned to subpoena the anonymous sources of two reporters from AppleInsider and PowerPage before conducting an investigation inside the company.

Speakables For iTunes Released

Speakables for iTunes work in conjunction with Speakable Items to allow you to launch playlists just by using your voice.

Macs Vs. PCs: Ignore The Hype. What's Right For You?

Apple To Open San Antonio Retail Store Friday

Apple Releases Java Update 1.3.1 And 1.4.2 Release 2

Apple's Corporate Xserve RAID Updated

StuffIt Deluxe 10 Introduced

The new JPEG compression technology shrinks images and photos up to 30 percent with no loss in image quality, according to the developer.


100 Songs Fits In 5 GB And 4 GB

Reader Says Mac Switch Is Easy

How hard is it to switch from a Windows PC to an Apple OS X Macintosh? I've said for a couple of years that it's easy, but you don't need to take my word for it. Here's what one reader's experience was like.

iPod's Dominance Is Risky Business

Even if the competition hasn't been much of an obstacle, that doesn't mean Apple's path is clear.

iPod Nano: Will Small Size Mean Big Sales?

While the iPod nano has just hit store shelves, early indications are a bit worrisome.

iTunes Image Files Suggest Video Store

There buttons with the terms "Gift Video", "Buy Video" and "Add Video" were found along with references to a "protected MPEG-4 video file" within text strings in the code of iTunes 5.

Authorized For A Day

Let me authorize a machine for a day, a week, a month, and to re-authorize, I have to enter the account password at the end of that period.


iPod Nano — Small, Sleek And Superior

Apple's new iPod nano has a few problems, but overall it is a light and lovable gadget with cool features that far outweigh the annoynances.

Sweetening Your Xgrid With Cocoa

We'll take a look at XGridFoundation, a framework that allows you to integrate Xgrid into your Cocoa applications.

Control Both Apple Clocks


Microsoft. User Interface. Innovation. In The Same Sentence

When something new works, we call it innovation. When something new doesn't work, we call it what-the-hell-are-you-thinking. (For example, Microsoft Bob.)

It's probably still too early to tell whether the new menu-bar-tool-bar combination from Microsoft works or not — well, at least, I hope it had passed usability tests in the hallways of Microsoft campus before it being unleashed on all of us — but I'm glad that Microsoft is trying out new things instead of just copying.

Although that metal window thingy looks familiar.

Speaking Of User Interface On Windows...

If you feel that iTunes 5 on Macintosh looks ugly, be glad that you are not using iTunes 5 on Windows. Imagine the same sharp-corners-are-cool window, with the menu bar squeezed in.



Menus Are Out In The Next Version Of Microsoft Office

Microsoft showed the next version of its widely used Office productivity software for the first time Tuesday — revealing a new aproach that abandons that standard drop-down menus in favor of a "ribbon" that presents the commands in a thick strip across the top of the window in such programs as Word and Excel.

Microsoft Thinks High-End With Vista

With Windows Vista, Microsofft is considering a product lineup that would include several new high-end editions of the operating system.

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