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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Apple Expo: Steve Jobs Talks Macintosh

Apple CEO Nixes iTunes Price Hike

Steve Jobs vowed to resist music companies "greedy" demands for price increases on the iTunes music download site and warned that such a move would encourage piracy.

Apple Expo: Apple CEO Steve Jobs slams "Greedy" Labels

Apple Expo: Jobs On Mobile Music And Living Room PCs

"We wrote the iTunes software for that phone. We see it as something we can learn from. It was a way to put our toe in the water, and learn something."

Apple Expo: Steve Jobs, 'Excellence' Is Apple's 'Secret Sauce'

Apple's competitors need to overcome a foe that boasts: "World class hardware, applications and services."

Apple Expo: Jobs On iPods And Apple Secrecy

"We launched the iPod nano two weeks ago rather than at the Apple Expo because in the run-up to Christmas every week counts."

Apple Releases Backup 3.0

Apple Increases .Mac Storage To 1GB, Adds Groups

Apple on Tuesday made several changes to its .Mac service, providing members with increased storage and adding a new feature called Groups.

Firefox And Mac Security Sanctuaries 'Under Attack'

Symantec attacks sacred cows.

Apple Rethinking Mini Retail Store Strategy

Apple is said to be experiencing difficulties with its initial batch of mini retail stores and may be forced to rearrange or put on hold future plans for the scaled-down retail format.


.Mac Is Back, Bigger, Brighter, Bluer

Once again, Apple has become adventurous with web development.

The iWork Programming Guide Document Now Live And Posted...

We've made the conscious decision to focus on ease-of-use and ease-of-development, even if that has the unfortunate side-effect of fragile document formats.

Apple File Formats

The whole world has been giving Microsoft's a hard time over their Office XML file formats; it turns out that there are far worse sinners. Apple, for one.

Real World Nano Battery Life

Good Service Is Hard To Find These Days

I'm constantly telling myself that I need to start taking advantage of the Services menu — but I never do because there's something that I just don't like about it being up in the corner of the screen.

Rokr: What Might Have Been

The Rokr doesn't meet the Steve Standard and in its current incarnation, it would be just another stillborn device in Apple's R&D labs.

Video Store? Sure, Right After Ogg Vorbis...

News Flash

Flash prices will likely fall quickly over the next couple of years. And as they do, Apple's going to have ample opportunity to do what it does best: out-innovate the rest of the computer industry.


A Camino User Gets Unreasonably Excited

This wonderful little Cocoa browser has performed like a good app should.

iPod Switcher Issues


Rumor Today: New Laptops Coming In Paris

Your Mac Life: Apple's booth looks the same as it always does... except for the black cloth draping one section of the booth and the absence of Powerbooks and iBooks in the booth. Obviously, Apple is going to announce upgrades to the laptop line.


Office 12 Makeover Takes On 'Feature Creep'

Having sensed that the software has reached the limits of functionality, Microsoft has been preparing its most radical overhaul ever for Word, Excel and friends.

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