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Friday, October 7, 2005


iTunes For Video? Don't Hold Your Breath

Wouldn't it be great if you could buy and download your favorite episodes of Sex in the City from a web site? Unfortunately, that sceanrio is probably a long way off, according to a panel of internet executives sounding off on the future of entertainment and media at the Web 2.0 conference on Thursday.

'A Is For Apple' On iPod

MP3 players used as vocabulary tools in Carrollton-Farmers Branch schools.

iPod Win Music To Pupils' Ears

Apple Loosens Up On "Mac" Trackmark Use

It appears to be true: "Mac" and "Macintosh" no longer trigger the trademark warning from Google.

Apple May Sell More iPod Nanos Than Initially Expected

Anticipation Over Apple Earnings

Apple will release one of the most anticipated technology-earnings reports next week, and by many indications Wall Street won't be surprised if Apple thoroughly exceeds consensus expectations.


Apple - All I Want For Christmas Is Working Smart Playlists...

What Would Apple Be Without Jobs?

It's safe to say that for the time being Apple needs Jobs more than Jobs needs Apple.

Did Steve Jobs Reveal Apple's Upcoming Special Announcement Early?

Apple is going to announce an AirPort Express with video streaming capabilities.

What's Behind The Red Curtain? I'm Looking For Macs


Sent Messages Disappearing From — Possible Solution

Ever Had Your Screen Saver Hacked? (And Are You Sure)

Griffin Technology's iFill

iFill is an example of a simple application that does a single task well.

Scratches Mar New iPod's Beauty

I have never tested or owned any portable electronic device that picked up as many scratches as quickly as the iPod nano.


Season Of Acquisitions Continues

... with Dave Winer selling to VeriSign.

Dave Winer: What a day!

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