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Saturday, October 8, 2005


From iPod To Ourpod: Will It Become A More Social Machine?

If the digital music player, with its ubiquitous earbuds, seems like a device that isolates, just wait. It may well bring us closer together.

Analysts Doubt Video iPod Rumor

Analysts, though refraining from making predictions, displayed strong skepticism about a video-playing iPod.

Samsung, Apple Face Potential Antitrust Probe

Samsung and Apple may be investigated by South Korean anti-trust authorities.

Daniel Toussaint: Music For A Miracle Planet

With the Mac, you experience the music as you're composing it rather than hearing it in your mind and playing it later — or waiting to assemble an orchestra.

Clay Weiner and ALan vladusic: Workstyles Of The Clio FutureGold Winners

HP Discounts Leftover iPods


Windows XP Mac Edition

I can totally see Microsoft jumping at the chance to make more money.

Model-View-Controller In Web 2.0


Mac Security: Identifying Changes To The File System

It is a mistake to equate "more secure" with "invulnerable."


Advice From The Internet

Don't llisten to everything on the internet — and neither from this guy. But, hey, sometimes some random shaking do fixes things. :-)

Rumor Today: iPod Video

Yes Sir, Apple leaked this rumor.

Somebody found a web page on Apple's web site that featured the all new iPod Video. Of course, the offending web page has since been taken down.

I hope Steve is not too mad.

10 Years Ago, Plan B Was Borned

BeBox Zone: 10 years ago today, the BeBox was launchd with great fanfare at Agenda 95.

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