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Friday, October 14, 2005


The Barriers To Video On The Move

The unveiling of the latest iPod with an inbuilt video player has given rise to visions of watching TV on the move. But what are the realities of mobile TV and film?

'New iMacs Will Sell As Well As PCs' - Analyst

Free Videos In iTunes

Here is a great tip for getting some free video content into iTunes.

Apple Reclaims Shine, Rises 9%

Shares of Apple rose more than 9% Thursday as investors shook off what some analysts called irrational selling of the stock and flocked back to the company, following the release of its new iPod video player.

New iPod Causes Rumblings In Entertainment Industry

Apple introduced a departure from the TV industry's traditional business model — generating revenue not by embedding advertising in the shows but by charging a small amount to download them.

Dis-Apple Pact Upsets Affiliates

The prospect of the new device distracting Nielsen-measurable eyeballs from its own over-the-air programming is generating some anxiety from stations all over the country about how their business will be affected by the download-on-demand availability of two of the network's biggest hits.

Launch Of Video iPod Shines Light On Jobs, Disney Drama

The pact is a sign that the riff with Pixar may be mending.

Adobe's Acquisition Of Macromedia Receives DOJ Approval

ABC Afffiliates Complain About 'iPod' Videos

NBC "In Talks" With Apple

New iPods Record In Stereo

Samsung To Pay $300M Fine For DRAM Price Fixing


I Take It All Back

In the name of all that's holy, are there any Mac-savvy women out there willing to talk in public?

Video iPod: Where's Discussion Of Free Video?

Yes, But When Can I Download Manimal?

Suppose that Apple and Arrested Development's producers put up a whole new season on iTunes for preorder, promising to crank out the episodes if enough folks pay up to see it.

They're Not Reruns, They're iReruns!

Why not take it further? Why not let people pay $1.99 — or more — to watch a show the day before it airs?

The Apple Polishers

Explaining the press corps' crush on Steve Jobs and company.

FrontRow Seems Custom Made For The Mac Mini

Forget Minidiscs: Take Your iPod Into The Field!

One Word: Tivo

Why doesn't Apple purchase TiVo, incorporate their technology, continue the computer/iPod as Tivo/home entertainment system, and put another nail in the coffin of the clueless in Redmond.

Apple's iPod Pricing Strategy Has Never Made Sense, Except To The Marketplace

I know why I'm happy to keep my nano and don't feel ripped off by Apple this time.

Why Bother Being An Apple VAR?

Is it worth being an Apple partner, considering the shabby treatment from the vendor? Unfortunately, making a complete switch to PCs is a challenging proposition.

A Streamlined Remote From Apple

Dell Media Experience remote = 60 buttons you'll never use. Apple Remote = Just the six buttons you need.

The New Guns In Apple's Arsenal

If Apple can't do it right — and make billions of dollars in the process — I don't see who can.

Mac Mini Needs A Front Row Seat

Who wants to put an iMac G5 next to their TV?


iTunes 6

Set Identical iCal Window Sizes

If you use iCal, you're probably familiar with one of its annoying quirks features — as you switch between day, week, and month view, the calendar window itself will physically change sizes.

Video Quality: What $1.99 Will Buy You

Full-screen is much more like watching a VHS tape. Actually, it's more like watching an old VHS tape that has been watched one too many times.


Rumor Today: Still "One More Thing"...

AppleInsider: New PowerBooks, Power Macs due shortly.

Password Lock

The password-protected screen lock totally make sense now that you can place your entire collection of porn on your pod. :-)

iPod Boing Boing?

Lester Haines, The Register: Here's an appealing thought: an mp3 breast implant which allow surgically-enhanced girls to store and play back their entire music collections from their 36DD assets.

Since it is now known that Steve Jobs lied through his teeth about playing videos on the iPod, it will be fun for some reporter to go ask if Apple is going into the breast-implant-MP3 market, and see how Steve replies. :-)


Twenty Years Of Windows

With its 20 anniversary approaching, I visited Microsoft's headquarters recently to talk with the team behind Windows — to get reflections on the key moments in its evolution, its position in the market today, and what lies in store for its future.

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