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Monday, October 17, 2005


Early Warning System: MyAppleMenu Goes Dark

I will be computer-less this weekend — from 21st (Friday) to 24th (Monday) of October. This website will not be updated during this time.


How Apple Does It

Conventional wisdom says its strategy is wrong, yet it keeps turning out great products. Time looks inside the world's most innovative company.

Apple Drops Flatiron Store For GM Building

Apple is retreating from a planned retail store in the Flatiron District to focus on a larger location in the General Motors Building, sources said.

Sources: NOR Flash May Be Cause Of Shipment Delays For iPod Nano

iTunes 6: What You Need To Know

Disney Deal Is Apple Of Advertisers' Eye

Madison Avenue sees exposure offsetting commercials' absence.

Now Playing On A Tiny Screen

In the past year, media companies have begun experimenting with broadcasting original programming made specifically for mobile phones to increase awareness of their television shows and movies. And interest in such programming may grow further: last week, Apple introduced a video iPod, which, while not a mobile phone, is another test of consumers' interest in portable entertainment.

TV Downloads May Undercut ABC Stations

Apple is, in effect, giving consumers the opportunity to cherry-pick programs for $1.99 each, though analysts expect it will be years before internet companies represent a viable alternative to cable TV.

iPod Lightning Rod

The saber-rattling over Apple's new video iPod has started.


Staten Island Store Grand Opening

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Apple Store grand opening at the new Staten Island New York location in the appropriately named Staten Island Mall.

Atop The Apple Tree, Almost

If Steve Jobs ever steps down, Tim Cook's elevation to COO confirms him as the top candidate to fill his shoes. Actually, make that to try to fill them.

Listen Up, iTunes

Innovation, proper legal aim, and a willingness to accept a somewhat lower profit margin will be central to restoring American musical morality.

Cool, A Video iPod. Want To Watch 'Lost'?

Probably the biggest factor working against the instant success of a video iPod is that the video world has yet to experience the copyright-infringement meltdown that the music industry did a year or two ago, where millions of people were swapping songs free rather than buying CD's in stores.


He's Up To His Ears In iPod

Protecting Apple iBook Is Job Of Its Own

The lovely white, somehow clear plastic does attract scratches, so you need to take precautions.


Google On The Mac

Fans of Macintosh and Google Earth, Google Talk, or Picasa, there may still be hope: Google is hiring Mac developers.

Bye Bye 3G

If Apple's iTunes video experiementation gains any traction, we can officially say bye-bye to 3G phones. :-)

I Wonder...

Did some big customer of Apple feedback to Steve Jobs that, hey, Windows Media Player is now in the 10th version, and iTunes is only at 4... and so Apple will now bump up the version number of iTunes every month until it is ahead of Windows Media Player? :-)


At Microsoft, Interlopers Sound Off On Security

Microsoft has spent three and a half years trying to transform its engineering culture to make security the company's priority.

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