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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Apple Is A 'Friend' - Adobe CEO

Pieces Fall Into Place For Intel-Apple

With all of the components it needs to offer the machines apparently at its fingertips, Apple should be on track to begin offering its first Intel-based systems as soon as early 2006.

Intel-Powered Mac Mini May Be Close

A financial analyst has got tongues wagging by predicting that the first fruits of Apple's partnership with Intel could be just a few weeks away.

Pixar Sells 125,000 Movies Via iTunes

Apple Tries To Patent 'Tamper-Resistant Software'

Apple, which is in the process of switching to computers based on the omnipresent Intel processor, has filed a patent application describing a method for securing running Mac OS X on specific hardware.

A Chat With The Brains Behind Myst

With the release of Myst V: End of Ages, Cyan Worlds has officially offered the closing chapter of the Myst saga, 13 years after it got started.

Get 200 Hours Of Battery Life Out Of Your iPod


Connecting The Dots

DRM - Digital Rights Minimization

From this day forward I will never spend another dime on content that I can't use the way I please.

Apple's Growing Army Of Converts

Sure, the iPod has its halo effect. But there are other reasons — disparate and difficult to track — that are encouraging a small-but-measurable migration away from Windows to the Mac.

Imagine It: The Sun, Some Ancient Ruins, You With No Laptop

Increasingly, it's possible to leave a laptop home on some types of trips and rely on a combination of a high-end cellphone and an iPod.

Can Apple Keep Shining?

The frenetic pace of innovation at Apple could present new opportunities, which could trigger an upgrade at a price that's much higher than it is today.

It's Time For Microsoft To Support OpenDoc


WMP, Begone!

Ah, if only QuickTime understood Windows Media, right?


Another Reason Why Apple Should Consider Making Computers With Different Colors

So that your husband doesn't accientally take yours to work in the morning. Aaahh.... the trouble with a two-PowerBooks family.

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