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Tuesday, December 6, 2005


Apple Adds NBC, SciFi, USA To iTMS

Lack Of iPod Supply Could Pressure Street Estimates

Piper Jaffray research analyst Gene Munster maintained an "outperform" rating and $79 price target on Apple after follow-up checks on iPod inventory showed third-party retailers struggling to replenish supply.

Glaser Turns Wrath On Apple, Jobs

RealNetworks chief exctive Rob Glaser, at the Digital Living Conference,said that Jobs & Co.'s refusal to make the iPod compatible with music services other than Apple's iTunes was "pig-headedness." Glaser also said that Apple's unwillingness to cooperate with other online music vendors promotes piracy of copyrighted materials and will eventually draw the wrath of consumers.

Hidden Features In Sony DRM Uses Open Source Code To Add Apple DRM

XCP utilizes the DRMS code not to remove Apple DRM but to add it.

Adobe And Macromedia Are One

Adobe has announced the completion of its acquisition of Macromedia.

Creativity Sparks Prosperity

"Once we started using Apple systems, our business boomed. We became an all-Mac shop. Don't ask me the chicken-or-egg question. It was a symbiotic relationship."


The Right Price For Digital Music

What we need is a system that will continue to pack the corporate coffers yet be fair to music lovers. The solution: a real-time commodities market that combines aspects of Apple's iTunes, Nasdaq, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Priceline, and eBay.

Apple Rumors And Realities

Quite a number of pundits have gone out and predicted the appearance of Intel based Powerbooks from Apple this Januar — but it isn't going to happen.


Aperture 1.0

It saddens me to say that Aperture's innovations are only skin deep. If it could deliver on the promise of being both fast and produce flawless results, it would be the dream package.

Musical Gifts


Place Of Birth

We all knw that, as declared by Apple, your Mac and iPod are designed in Cupertino, California. But, do you know what your Mac and iPod is made?

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