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Thursday, December 22, 2005


2005: Year Of iPod In Japan

iPods had a roughly 60 percent share of Japan's portable digital music-player market, leaving arch-rival Sony well behind at just under 10 percent of the market.

The Next Big Intel Thing

The annual Macintosh love-in, where cult meets commerce, looms again in the foggy city of San Francisco.

Apple Launches Blog And Podcast Server

Rumors Fly On Upcoming Apple gadgets

Trying to predict what must-have gadget Apple is going to release next? Might as well break out the tea leaves.

500 Days At The Helm: The Rise And Fall Of Gil Amelio

Automakers Embrace The iPod

Automakers are expected to ride the popularity of the iPod and add support for Apple's portable music player in millions of cars over the next six years.

Beware Of Strange iTunes/QuickTime Movies

A heap overflow vulnerability in Apple's iTunes and QuickTime media player could put millions of PC and Mac users at risk of malicious hacker attacks, security experts warned Wednesday.

Apple Newton Museum Shutting Down, Selling Everything

Aperture Update Improves Metadata Handling, More


Norton Anti-Virus Makes Mac OS X Less Secure?

Apple Macintosh users could be making themselves less secure by installing Symantec's flagship anti-virus application.

The Broken Leg Of The Stool

It's broken because it's nearly impossible for the consumer to take control of their consumer electronics experience and it's broken because it's almost impossible for an entrepreneur to innovate in this sector.

The Sad State Of Services

From my seat, the Services menu is one of the most bloated, least-usd, and most overrated features in OS X. So what went wrong, between the promise and the delivery? And what can be done to save the Services menu?

Can Apple-Intel Live Up To Pre-Macworld Hype?

Apple is known to drive a hard bargain with its partners, and Intel has a reputation for being one of the nastier suppliers to work with at times in its history. One has to wonder if this is the start of a beautiful friendship, or the beginning of many years of head butting.

The Year Of The Switch

2005 stood out as a time when far more than just the iPod got shuffled. Scared cows were tipped as companies embraced major technological and sometimes philosophical switches in order to court new markets or move in new directions.


Trimming The Services Menu


This Is The Part I Like About The Year In Review

The Guardian: April: Adobe buys rival Macromedia for $3.4bn. The sale completes in December; it would have been faster if the lawyers had skipped the Flash Intro.

Cheney And His iPod

As reported by Dan Froomkin: "When [Dick] Cheney said his iPod needed to be recharged, it took precedence above all else and dominated one precious outlet for several hours."

Looks like nobody remember to bring along one of those multi-outlet power strip...

Fa La La La La, Fa La La La

For those who hate going to the mall to do shopping and having to listen to all those Christmas music, have a pity on poor me. After one month of Christmas music, we have another month of Chinese New Year music.

Gongxi, Gongxi, Gongxi, Ni.


Microsoft May Face Daily EU Fine

The European Commission has threatened to fine Microsoft up to 2m euros a day until it gives rivals more access to its operating system.

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