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Tuesday, January 3, 2006


Peacock Preening With iTunes Presence

While the Peacock's still pretty plucked in primetime, net is having a far easier go on Apple's iTunes musicstore. Just a month after launching, NBC Universal programming now dominates the service, all but erasing Disney's early advantages as the first conglom to pact with Apple.

Schools Ask Parents To Pay Up Before Kids Log On

The Fullerton program has created a storm of controversy for the school system. It also has raised broader questions about how far public schools here and elsewhere can go in using costly technology in the face of tight school budgets and limited funding.

Apple Releases Bluetooth Firmware Update For Mac OS X 10.4.3

South Park Turns To Apple For New Storage Setup

The cartoon studio plans to install a full SAN to ease backup headaches.

Apple's Tiger Is Infoworld 'OS Of 2006'

Belkin Intros Cable-Free USB Hub

The four-port hub uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. Devices are plugged into the hub, which doesn't require a wire to communicate with the computer.

Wearable iPod Headset Displays Video

eMagin Corp, a company that makes video imaging technology for military and industrial uses, has adapted its expertise to create a first of its kinds headset accessory for the 5G iPod which displays video in front of one eye.


Quicken Little

Intuit charges twice as much for the Mac version of Quicken — and, for your extra dough, throws in only half the features.


SNL Coming To MWSF

No, it's not the famous iPod invista — but a real nano iPod.


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