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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


iTunes MiniStore Now Asks Permission First

Is Apple Considering An iPod Phone?

Apple's recent trademark applications hint that's where the company may be going, but a Gartner analyst gave the speculation "low priority."

The iPod Took My Seat

As college professors post lectures online, they're seeing a rise in absenteeism. A low-tech response to no-shows: more surprise quizzes.

Sony BMG Relents On iTunes

Music label Sony BMG has ended its online music wrangle with Apple, announcing it would make its catalogue availble through Apple's Australian music store.


MacBook Pro Performance Analysis

Apple's new MacBook Pro is an improved machine in many ways.

Is 2006 The Year Of The Mac?

My iPod Thinks I'm A Headbanger

Does anyone care about services that gather your data, or even mine your computer, to serve up offerings just for you?

The Univerrsal Question

There was grumbling from some corners of the show floor about efforts to promote Universal-ready apps.

Google Eats Apple

Tack on the missing ingredient of Google's individual-empowering past into Apple's firm grasp on digital distribution, and it's really just a mater of time before Google and Apple are sparring over key hires and Apple is flying execs into Cupertino for its own "Google Challenge" summit.

The Myth Of The Overpriced Mac

iPod Powering The Office?

Downloads Will Intensfy Shine On Apple

We're looking at exponential growth. And strategically for Apple, we're looking at de facto standardization around its video platform. Oh my.

Apple Follows The Money

The Mac maker knows which side its bread is buttered on, and it's not the enterprise.

Thanks For Nothing

Apple could continue to bombard us with iPod ads, release new models every two months, and update the iTunes Music Store with every quarter moon, but doing so risks us getting sick of the whole thing.


The iMac Gets A Brain Transplant

Apple's iMac, with its new Intel processor, is still the gold standard of consumer desktop PCs. And it stands to get better over time.

7 Things I Like About Path Finder For OS X

If you're looking to fix a host of the Finder's numerous deficits, extend its functionality beyond your imagination, then Path Finder is most definitely worth a look.

iDVD 6

iMac 17" Core Duo

The iMac Core Duo is an impressive machine. If the rest of Apple's product line moves to Intel this smoothly, the transition should prove to be a big success.

iWeb: A First Look

iWeb is not a general purpose website creation application. Do not make the mistake of thinking it is a scaled down version of Dreamweaver, as it most definitely is not.


Convergence In My Pocket

The following "gadgets" have, more or less, converged into a single thing in my "digital" life: mobile phone, alarm clock, wristwatch, calendar.

So I will not be surprised if my MP3 player merged with my mobile phone in the future. On the hand, I'd be surprised if I don't see many failed efforts before someone hits the jackpot.

Google Earth For Mac Is Here

It's time to earn some cash by accepting advertising for your rooftop.

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