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Saturday, January 21, 2006


iPods: Or Can We Call Them iPodsicians?

With portable media devices taking center stage — literally — the transformation of the iPod may slowly erode the landscape of traditional audio and visual stage performances. The Chicago-based rock band Midstates found just that when Apple's video iPod was a stand-in for three-fifths of the band on a three-week tour.

Will Jobs Digitize Disney?

Could the Apple and Pixar CEO next lead Hollywood — specifically, Disney — into a new digital era?

New York Guitar Festival: Axes And Macs

"Macintosh computers and software are involved in just about every aspect of running the festival. I can't image how we'd do what we do were it not for these tools."

Dario Gildrie: Home Sweet Home

"I couldn't do it without the G5 and Final Cut."

Apple A 'Big Mean Cash Machine' - Analysts

Analysts at American Technology Research, Needham & Co and Piper Jaffray have urged their clients not to bail on Apple's shares.

IBM To Bring Mac Notes Up-To-Date

Indie Band Cries Foul Over Apple's New Intel Ad

Apple's advertisement for its new line of Intel Macs features technicians in a "clean room" facility overseeing the manufacturing of CPUs — a theme also present in the Such Great Heights video.


Broadcast Flag Is Back, This Time It Covers iPods And PSPs, Too

Under the proposal "Digital Content Protection Act of 2006", digital media technologies would be restricted to using technologies that had been certified by the FCC as being not unduly disruptive to entertainment industry business-models.

What Jobs Could Buy Today


How Can Apple Be Worth More than Dell?

While Apple's smallness was formerly a life-threatening problem, it suddenly seems like a big advantage. I guess that's just how the math works these days, when Steve Jobs' reality distortion field seems to have morphed into something else: reality.

The .Mac Tax

Apple should put an end to the .Mac Tax and just roll it into the OS or iLife. It makes more sense that way.

Want To Marginalize The iPod? Ask Steve Jobs How!

Were Microsoft to jump headlong into the digital audio player market there would be strong incentive for Apple to begin licensing FairPlay.

Macworld Expo In Games: Analysis And Recap

The good news is that original Mac game development, and parallel development with Windows and console games, is a continuing trend that shows no signs of abating any time soon.


garageBand 3: First Look

A Faster iMac

The new Intel Core Duo chipset-sporting iMac is just like the old one. Only faster.

iMovie HD 6

Bricks Of Camelot

Bricks of Camelot doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it does offer an entertaining and challenging take on the brick-bashing game.


Why Windows UI Sucks

Listen to this episode of The Chris Pirillo Show, where host Chris Pirillo chats with Chuck Cummins, part of the Windows visual design team, and you will realise exactly why Windows' UI sucks big-time.

As described by Chuck Cummins, Windows is all about customization — but, in reality, is all about copping out. We have no idea what is a good UI, so we'll just gives you all the options that you can change, and you try to see what strikes your fancy.

Operating system manufactuers are supposed to be experts in, among other things, usability. Come on, Microsoft, be brave, and be competent.

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