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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Disney-Pixar: It's A Wrap

The deal, which would make Steve Jobs the Mouse House's biggest shareholder, appears to be done, and it could shake up the industry.

Apple iTunes Users Growing Fast

The popularity of Apple's iPod has given a huge boost to the number of people visiting the iTunes music store, research shows.

Apple Gets Good News, Bad News

What's in a brand?

Daylight Robbery At The Apple Store

Someone purloined a PowerBook from an Apple Store by clipping the security cable.

Apple's iWork Emerges As Rival To Microsoft Office

According to market researcher NPD, Apple grabbed a 2.7 percent unit share, while Corel had a 1.6 percent share. Microsoft maintained its dominance with nearly 95 percent of unit shares.


Is Apple Losing Interest In The Enterprise Market?

The "Such Great Heights" Video Versions: iTunes Vs The Postal Service

The iTunes version of the video has some parts blurred out.

Can Video iPod Lead To DMCA Reform?

Conttextual Buttons

Who else find they pause slightly in these contexts even after becoming "experts" in these systems?

Macworld Expo 2006 In Review


Yojimbo: A New Direction For Bare Bones?

The app itself is incredibly easy to get used to. Bare Bones is right to say "there's no learning curve."


Hypercard For The Rest Of Us?

Dave Winer: [Tech industry] look at publishing at "user generated content" and authors as "the long tail" (with them as the head of course). They see themselves as the makers of the money, and us as the laborers of love. That for sure is a flawed way of viewing the world, definitely a loop the tech industry is in, one that the publishing industry should not continue to support.

Now, more than five years after Apple killed Hypercard, there's really no viable alternatives out there, and no real progress in creating a programming tool for the rest of us. Why?

(And, no, Visual Basic is not it.)

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