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Tuesday, February 7, 2006


Podcast From The Heart

The iPod's sleek design and status-symbol white earbuds are Gen-X trademarks, but Grayson Wheatley is introducing the audio player to a demographic advertisers forgot: elderly patients with chronic health problems.

Podfading Takes Its Toll

Podcasting has drawn thousands on the premise that anyone can create an audio program, build an audience online and even vault to stardom. Less celebrated is the fact that untold numbers of shows wink out just as suddenly as they started.

Students Carry Missed Lectures Around Campus On iPods

Students Get iPods

The Bookstore at The University of Montana bought 40 iPods for students in the music department to use, despite the fact they may lose money on their investment.

iTunes Billion Songs Countdown

Apple is counting down to the one billionth download from the iTunes Music Store, and as is the tradition they are having a contest.

Tweens Use iPods, iTunes To Storm The Charts

Tweens stocked up on iPods and iTunes gift cards during Christmas. Now the 14-and-under set is making its presence felt in digital music sales.

Neb. Professor Uses iPod For Lectures

Networks' iTunes Gamble Paying Off

Even in these early days, it's starting to look as if the faith in digital downloads was well-placed.

Apple Falls 6% On Valuation Concerns

Apple shares fell more than 6% Monday to two-months lows, wiping out their gains for the year, on concerns that the company's expected profit growth rate for 2006 is already pirced into its stock.


What Jobs Wants

The Pixar deal may not be as strategically motivated as it seems for the Apple impresario.

Macs Still Make Me Drool

The Future Of The iPod

We'll take a look at a large range of iPod features that we're likely to see in the near to not so near future.

Intel Won't Admit It, But Apple's An Abusive Partner

The iMac Core Duo, Deconstructed

One thing I am sure of: This thing is not user-upgradable.

iTunes U: The Debat Continues

Apple doesn't need to pursue that strategy, and we don't need to help it.

Would You Like An iPod With Your Checkup?

On my last visit, my dentist offered me an iPod as his hygienist was getting ready to do her 6-month routine.

Magic Startup Key Combinations Saved Me From A Clean Install


New Macs Are Better Than Ever


TubeTwist is safe for the whole family, though kids younger than eight will probably find it more frustrating than fun.

20-Inch iMac Core duro 2.0GHz

iTunes 6.0.2 Can Import/Export OPML

Portfolio 8: Modest Upgrade Refines This Accomplished Media-Management Tool

Version 8 is not a major feature upgrade; it merely refines what the previous version already offered.


Advertise Once, And People Are Still Talking About It

Lisa de Moraes: Honestly, did any single ad make you sit up and take notice, as did the mother of all Super Bowl ads, Apple's unsettling, Ridley Scott-directed "1984," in which the blond athletic chick, hotly pursued by guys in riot gear, thows a sledgehammer at the Big Talking Head on the giant screen, freeing the Gray Brainwashed People?

How To Kill Off Your iPod's Battery

Christ Breen knows that "the iPod is not a flashlight. Use backlighting when only absolutely necessary." But then, he encounters a situation when it is really necessary: he forgot to pack a nightlight for his daughter on a cruise trip.

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