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Wednesday, February 8, 2006


They Build It, And We Keep Buying

Why does Apple introduce so many different iPods? Because it can.

Apple Price Cut Hurts Asia Chip Maker Shares

Shares in Samsung Electronics and other Asian memory chip makers fell on Wednesday after Apple's music player price cut fanned fears of a steeper price decline in chips used in the products.

An Experimental Classic Environment For Intel Macs

Managed Services: Now It Works For Macs Too

Rockin' In Your Cubicle

More workers are using their iPods to escape boredom or chaos in the office. Does it help them focus, or is it a distraction?

Turn iPod Earbuds Into A Cell Phone Headset

Apple Offers 1GB iPod Nano For $149

Apple on Tuesday introduced a 1GB version of its iPod nano that sells for $149. Apple also cut prices on its entry-level iPod shuffle, making them more affordable.


Forget Jobs, Let's Worship Woz

There's a lot to admire about Woz.

Apple Shuffles The Deck

Cheaper iPods may be welcome news to you and me, but it's not all that endearing to Apple's competitors. Companies will need to react accodingly now that the lower end of the market just got lower. It won't be easy for them. They don't have the benefit of running a popular digital download store, or selling Macs to the point of justifying cutting prices for the sake of moving products.

They're All Going The Wrong Way

Get the point Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and all you other competitors who get lost in the maze of confusion and bitter jealously. Find out what makes the iPod so popular, and then start to compete. "Build it and they will come" doesn't always work.


The Intel iMac Arrives: A First Lok At Apple's New Mactel Machine

It looks like an iMac G5, sounds like one on start-up, but it is a lot faster — most of the time.

Xcode For The Rest Of Us

Upgrading RAM: FAQs

Making Safari Stand Out

There are lots of plug-ins that can extend Safari's feature set, even though they're not officially supported by Apple.


Is It True? All That WinZip Goodness In OS X?

Yes, there are some progress in porting Wine onto OS X for Intel.

Your Very Own .Mac Replacement

Want the .Mac convenience, but don't want to pay the high price? Roll your own .Mac with this step-by-step instructions from Matt Simerson.

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