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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Police Warning For iPod Users

Police have warned that cyclists should never listen to an iPod while riding unless they have a death wish.

Creativity Sparks Prosperity

"This is the best thing going for Point of Sale automation on the Mac."

Apple Ships Faster Than Expected MacBook Pro

Apple on Tuesday shipped its recently introduced Intel-based MacBook Pro, surprising customers with processors speeds that are faster than previously announced. The new laptops are available beginning this week with speeds up to 2.16GHz.

Mac OS X 10.4.5 Fixes iChat, Safari


Do Not Eat The Nano

It's like a little chocolate bar. And something about it doesn't seem quite real.

What Mactel Means For Apple

Bottom line? "Intel Inside" cheapens the brand, weakens the halo effect support Apple's highly profitable entertainment products, raises Apple's costs, results in reduced overall performance, and limits Apple's ability to differentiate its products.

A Man, A Mac, And A Most Perfect Love: A Valentine's Story

More Info On iPod Turnover

This would mean that Apple replaces roughly three thousand iPods a day, twenty thousand each week, and over a million a year. Could these numbers possibly be correct?

Windows Of Perception

Most Mac users and many devlopers don't realize how extensively windows are used in the composition of the overall UI experience on Mac OS X.

Apple And Amazon: In Your Head?

The so-called Long Tail effect is alive and well and apparently living in my computer. That's what I discovered last weekend, noting that services from Apple and helped me burn a hole in my wallet.

The Numbers Game

Gigahertz myth aside, I hope Tuesday's MacBook Pro news is just the start of a whole new world for the Mac, one in which a partnership with a company that's actually dedicated to making better brains keeps Apple moving faster than any of us can reasonably expect.

Will There Be An iPhone?


Updating The MacBook Pro-Dell Comparison

So much of my comparison became obsolete a little mre than 12 hours after it went live.


Backdoor Into Your OS?

BBC is reporting that the UK officials are "in talks with Microsoft", looking at establishing 'back door' ways of getting around encryptions in Windows Vista.

This just means that everyone who want to encrypt documents will simply go ahead and use something else.

I wonder if there are backdoors inside Mac OS X...

New... Er... Podcast?

Shawn King, one of the early pioneer of Mac radio shows, is going to launch a new show on Wednesday 7 pm CT.

Shawn, Shawn, Shawn. Didn't you get the memo that here in Apple-land, we do new products on a Tuesday? :-)

Sorry, Your TV Needs A Software Upgrade

We are getting ever closer to the day when your TV will crash.

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