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Monday, February 20, 2006


Invasion Of THe Podcast People

As the portable broadcasts swell in popularity, producers find themselves with armies of loyal fans.

Apple Computer May Set Up Tech Support Centre In Karnataka

Apple is planning to set up a technical support centre in Kamataka on the lilnes of the one which Dell has in India.

OS X On Intel Site Returns

No Refund For You!

Amazon Stays Mum On iTunes Challenge Rumour

Harvard Medical Students Learn With Their iPods

Harvard Medical School have started offering podcasts of their lectures to their studnets, allowing them to learn while on the move.

Influence Puts Jobs At The Top Of Heap

He is the indisputable leader of the digital music revolution, the visionary and financier behind some of the biggest movies in recent history and, soon, the largest shareholder of Walt Disney Co. But Steve Jobs may have another moniker: king of new entertainment.


Sound Off

Hearing loss from those tiny earphones? Not my problem, as I can't even get the darn things to stay in my ears.

No, Your Applications Directory Is Vulnerable In Mac OS X

Programs run by users with Admin accounts can modify application files without additional passwords.

Reports Of Our Death Have Been Gratly Exaggerated...

Digital Rights Management: Sony V Apple


Yet Another Thing I Hate About Microsoft

I think I can almost safely say that every other implementation of a rectangle class will have a constructor or a set method that has arguments as either (left, top, right, bottom) or (left, top, width, height)...

So, why oh why must Microsoft defines its InkRectangle's SetRectangle method as (top, left, bottom, right)?

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