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Thursday, February 23, 2006


What The Other Steve Is Saying About Apple's Striking Resurgence

Co-founder Wozniak not sold on use of Intel chips; ponders possibility of spinning off iPod division.

The iPod Tie

Net Video Explosion Triggers Traffic Jam Worries

Blame Steve Jobs, or maybe

iTunes Movie Store For Feb 28?

Apple's Music Store: Over 1 Billion Served

Mac Security Exploits Don't Shake Up Apple VARs

Apple solution providers and their customers aren't panicking.

Make Mine With Music: Preloaded iPods

They're convenient, but preloaded players pose legal questions.

The Safari Shell Script Execution Exploit

Did Apple Overbook Its NAND Flash Inventory?

Several large buyers, include Apple, may have overbooked on NAND flash memory during the fourth quarter of last year, causing a NAND flash memory glut in early 2006, according to iSuppli Corp.

Vincent Laforet: In Tight In Torino

University Of Calgary: Modeling Swarm Behavior

"Xgrid dramatically increases the processing power we have available for compute-intensive processes, and because it's built into Mac OS X, it's virtually effortless."

Privacy Screen For Your iPod

15-Inch PowerBook Gone From Apple Online Store


Why There Is No iLife (Life XP) For Windows

The reason is simple, Microsoft doesn't need to.

12 Months On...?

The Mac mini has lasted extremely well against time, torture and comparison to my older machines.

Steve Rips Me A New One In Henrico County

I'd just about given myself a heart attack jumping through hoops so Steve Jobs could play a silly movie that wasn't really any better than the one it replaced.

What Makes A Mac, A Mac???

Why Features Don't Matter Anymore: The New Laws Of Digital Technology

The iPod was never sold on the grounds of its technical merits: Apple hit a gold-mine by marketing a cool new way of integrating music in your life.

The iTunes U Agenda

Apple's iTunes U has a contrary agenda, and I'm not the only one who's noticed.

MacBook Disassembly Shows Interesting Things

The constants are still in place, and the world hasn't ended with an Intel chip switch. Very interesting, though, to see some of the changes to the guts of the MacBook to make it easier to get into.


Intel imac Lacks Speed With Non-Apple Apps

Well-priced system's speed shines with apps written for Intel's Core Duo processor.

Wi-Fi To Go: The Hot Spot In A Box

There's no overstating the joy of carrying around your own Wi-Fi hot spot, ready for your whole gang to enjoy wherever you can find a power outlet or even a car's cigarette-lighter socket.

What's New In iWork '06?

Mac Book Pro: First Day, First Lab Tests

At least in our first test, the battery life of the MacBook Pro seems in line with the battery life on the last-generation PowerBook G4.


Fun? Fun?! II

As suggested by the fine folks at Your Mac Life, it's going to be an Apple theme park that will be unveiled on the next New Products Tuesday. ("Now that Jobs is on the Disney board...")

Fun? Fun?!

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.

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