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Monday, February 27, 2006


Is Mac OS As Safe As Ever?

While these represent a sea change, there is no need for Mac owners to worry, experts said, as the published attacks are still mainly theoretical and not widespread.

Apple's Jobs Fights Prservationists Who Want To Save His House

Apple Computer Pays $45M-$50M For Data Center In Newark

Adobe Unveils Photoshop Elements 4.0

PMA: Apple Shows Intel Native Aperture 1.1

In addition to being Intel-native, Aperture 1.1 also boasts significant speed increases on both the PowerBook G4 and the Intel processors.


Three Reasons Why Apple Should Buy Adobe

Amazon To Take On iPod

What are they, nuts?


First Look: Adobe Photoshop Elements 4

Though it may have a small price tag, Adobe has not been stingy with features, making Elements 4 an exciting product for photographers looking for more editing power.


Can You Feel The Love In The Air?

It's Secret Products Launch Week! Not only will Apple introduce fun new products on New Products Tuesday, Microsoft is poised to "change your life" on Thursday. (It's probably a "handheld, wireless touch-screen computer", reports the New York Times.)

You will not recognize your own life when we are through with this week.

Update: Todd Bishop reported that there will not be a product launch this week from Microsoft. Rather, he seems to imply that the product will probably be launched in 3 weeks' time.


He Helped Build The iPod; Now He Has Built A Rival

Unfolding Microsoft's Secret Site

A cryptic web site that was set up by Microsoft but does not bear its name appears to hint that the company will reveal information about a new consumer product on Thursday.

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