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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Is Apple's Next Act VoIP iPod?

Buzz about Apple's to-be-unveiled products focuses on iPods, iTunes, even computers.

Study: Windows Media Loses Ground To Apple H.264

Streaming on Monday announced the publication of two new reports that suggest that Apple's QuickTime H.264 video encoding has gained round on Microsoft Windows Media. The winner, however, was RealVideo.

Computers To Repalce Darkroom

To Learn The Japanese Language, Get Pod-Agogical

In Japan, many are taking advantage of the new medium of podcasting and bringing a high-tech twist to age-old language learning.

Wireless iPod Would Make Sense: Qualcomm CEO

Paul Jacobs noted that while he talks to Apple "every so often" he does not have any insight into the company's product development plans.

iPod: 'A New Wonder Of The World'

The iPod has been named as one of the modern equivalents of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Decision To Drop School Macs Angers Boulder Voters

iPod Mini Makes A Return To Apple's Site

It's not quite the iPod mini comeback that some were hoping for, but Apple has put a stash of the colorful players up for sale in the clearance section of its online store.


Vulnerability Statistics For Mac And Windows

The data is clear, and Apple has a lot more vulnerabilities of every kind ranging from moderately critical to extremely critical.

Selling In The iPod Channel

It's that hip factor, that intangible tangible known as cool that the ipod confers. Software makers and sellers want a piece of that marketing power. And they want some of their space back on store shelves that iPod has swiped from them.

Two Reasons Why Apple Cannot Buy Adobe

MacBook Pro First Thoughts: A New Era

MacBook Pro First Impressions And Why I Switched


iPhoto 6: Good, But Not Ground-breaking

iPhoto 6 provides enough improvements and new features that anyone who uses iPhoto at all seriously will find them worthwhile, particularly if any of hte other iLife '06 applications are of interest.

Of Files, Forks, And FUD

Easy File Sending

Apple MacBook Pro

If you're after a drop-dead gorgeous laptop that runs consumer applications brilliantly, that excels in entertainment and productivity software, and that's truly future-proofed, then it's worth joining the queue.


Fun? You Want Fun?

The Funniest thing ever to come out of the labs of Microsoft: What if Microsoft redesigned Apple iPod packaging?

(Okay, it's not actually from Microsoft or Apple. But it is still very fun.)


Details Unfolding On Microsoft's 'Origami'

As rumors unfurl about a new gadget upcoming from Microsoft, the company's Origami Project is starting to take shape as a very small tablet computer, one perhaps affordable enough to appeal to mainstream consumers.

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