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Thursday, March 2, 2006


Apple Fixes Serious OS X Flaws

Applications such as Safari and Apple iChat have been patched, after a fortnight when Apple's security has come under renewed scrutiny.

Apple's Latest Audio Offensive

Purists can sniff that the new Hi-Fi speaker system is a glorified boom box, but for Microsoft and others the message is clear: Jobs & Co. are coming on strong.

Downloading Empathy To Your iPod

In searching for a way to cope with her loss and create awareness of neuroblastoma, the pediatric cancer that claimed her son, Justine Saylors became part of a phenomenon that some researchers predict wil dramatically change the online music business before the decade is out.

Opening Up The Intel Mac Mini

The easily-accessible RAM slot on the left side is gone. Or to be more accurate, they've been turned on their side and hidden from view.

iPod Technology In The Home

It is hard to see where Apple can go wrong in the future of the home entertainment industry.

Apple Updates Front Row, iTunes, iPhoto

Intel Mac Mini: What You Need To Know

What's changed with the mini — and how it affects you.


MacBook Pro's Crazy New LEDs

Apple has cranked up the keyboard backlight on the new notebok to several times the brightness of hte backlight on my PowerBook G4.

Apple Eats Its 'Companions'

Apple certainly has the right to compete with the companies that make or sell Apple comptaible or peripheral products. I'm merely saying that consumers also have a choice.

Mac Mini Musings

That PVR software you're missing? It's Front Row. Or at least, that's what Front Row is evolving towards.

Jobs iPod Hi-Fi: Home Stereo Reinvented? Or Load of HorseCRAP?

Apple is going after the home entertainment market and it will use its DRM to keep the competition at bay.

In Defense Of Apple's Announcements

If you look at the story that the products tell, then things begin to make a little more sense.


MacBook Pro

Because of some of the oddball behavior I experienced with this machine, I'm hesitant to be as glowing about the MacBook Pro as I could potentially be.

Apple Laptop Has Looks And Brains

Over all, the MacBook Pro is a beautifully engineered machine. If it's not the world's finest, it's darned close.

The Intel Mac Mini Value Equation

First Look: iPod Hi-Fi

Perhaps a more accurate tag line would be Compact stereo system. Refined.


Chinese Walls In Apple?

Does the part of Apple that made the iPod Hi-Fi has additional knowledge — hidden APIs and so on — that other manufactuers don't? If so, it's time to pull another anti-trust trial. And this may just have merits.

Rumor Today: Movies? Yeah, You Do Want To Rent Them

Apple — or, perhaps, Steve Jobs himself — has always stayed away from music subscription services, claiming that customers want to own music, not rent. This, to me, makes sense both on an emotional level and business level.

Yeah, the music that I love, I want to own them. And it makes business sense for Apple to lock in users by selling and not renting. (If iTunes' business model is subscription, customers can easily switch from iPods to other MP3 players, as there are other subscription services out there.)

But the latest rumor indicates that Apple "thinks different" with regards to movie downloads: it's iTunes Movie Subscription Store that is in the works, according to AppleInsider.

Apple Mail Say Wha?

Apple Mail say wha?

Or as a reader commented... ERROR: Everything is OK.


Origami To Be Vole's iPod Killer

The software giant known as Microsoft has confirmed that its origami project is to be the hardware it will use to try and bruise Apple's iPod.

Origami Is As Exciting As Paper

I've seen what Origami is supposed to be and (without spilling too many details per the NDA that I willingly signed) it's not going to live up to the hype.

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