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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

News Sues Apple For Patent Infringement has filed a countersuit against Apple claiming that the iTunes software, the iPod and the QuickTime streaming software all infringe on patents held by, Burst announced Monday.

Understanding Marketing Psychology And The Halo Effect: What Apple's iPod And Motorola's Razr Can Teach Us

Focusing your marketing message on a single word or concept has been our mantra for years. But taking this idea one step further can also produce dramatic results.

U.S. Mac Magazines Suffering Reader Drought

The average circulation for the two most popular Macintosh/iPod magazines in the U.S. have hit record lows never seen in either of the magazines' histories.


Apple Needs To Make OS X Open-Source

Spare Change For iTunes

I decided I'd give Coinstar machines a try.


Draw What's On YourMind With NovaMind

NovaMind is a fine program and a remarkable piece of work — and a boon to those who already love mind mapping or think they might love it.

Apple's Ne Dynamic Core Duo

The new Intel-based, dual-core iMac is a slick machine,a nd underneath the glitz and gloss beats the heart of a heavy-duty workstation. It's the first Apple desktop we have seen in years that we can comfortably recommend for general-purpose use in the government.

Apple iPod Hi-Fi: Speakers For The iPod

Hearts Of Iron 2

This title is the bottom line for strategy gamers. Look no further.

Adobe After Effects 7 Professional: Latest Update Sports Overhauled Interface And Valuable New Features

First Look: Roxio's Popcorn 2; Second Version Of DVD Backup Software Is Handier Than Ever

If the ability to make custom DVDs or convert video content to handheld formats or stored formats for Front Row is appealing to you, then Popcorn 2 will be a home run.


Politically Incorrect Penguins

Fairy penguins are now called "little penguins" down under. Specifically, the managers at Sea World at Gold Coast are afraid that the word "fairy" may offend the gay community.

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