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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Profiles In Success: Wildern School: Macs Fuel Academic Turnaround

Innovation at Wildern School relies heavily on Apple technology, with more Macs than any other school in England.

Apple Set To Get Tough On iPod Illegals

Officially authorised manufactuers of iPod accessories such as Belkin and Griffin have been told that Apple is set to take action against several vendors who are not part of an authorised "Made for Apple" program but are selling products into retailers at considerable lower price than authorised partners.

Apple Changes Tiger Retail Box

Apple is changing its packaging for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, and is also ensuring the latest build (v10.4.6) ships in all retail boxes shipped.

Apple Updates Keynote, Pages

Top Apple Executives Make Graceful Exits

Apple will look to a rising new generation of managers to ensure that the recent departure of two of the company's three most prominent managers won't spell the end to Apple's vibrant growth.

Domino iPods Star In Tekserve's Viral Ad

iPods: Trendy Fad Or Longtime Companion?

In iTunes War, France Has Met The Enemy. Perhaps It Is France.

Sharing the iTunes codes would undermine the two innovations that Apple used to create the online market for legal music in the first place.

Recycling: Not Apple's Core Value

Even after Apple unveiled its first free computer recycling program Friday, it still falls short of competitors like HP and Dell, observers say.

Samsung Snatches iPod Win From PortalPlayer


Converting To Mac: A Brave New World

I'm looking forward to using the Mac full-time. It is certainly more stable than Windows, and a lot more user-friendly.

Apple's Dominance In TV

When 'Smart' Cut/Copy/Paste Attack

Apple has taken a very simple, completely obvious feature and turned it into something governed by a complicated and undocumented set of rules that most users don't even know exist.

MacBook Pros Across Akihabara Running Windows XP


A Tiny Mouse Puts Computing In Children's Reach


Yet Another Mac Vs Windows Comparison

Fast user switching in Mac OS X is a single-click affair. Click and select your name from the drop down list, type in your password, and you're done.

In Windows... Click #1: Start menu. Click #2: Log off. Click #3: Switch User. Click #4: Your name. After that, then you get to type in your password.

The Color Of Monopoly

Do you know why Bush chose to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, and, possibly, Iran? Bob Kaplow has it all figured out.



New Tricks Of A Brower Look Familiar

If you've never used anything but Internet Explorer, you won't be able to wipe the grin off your face. But next to rivals like Firefox, Opera and Safari, IE 7 is a catch-up and patch-up job. Some of its "new" features have been available in rival browsers for years.

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