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Monday, May 8, 2006


Apple Computer Wins In Apple V. Apple Case

The association between the logo use and the download service is a "proper one," and that the logo was clealry used in relation to the service, not to the music.

Students Love Laptop Lesson Plan

Would you trust a teenager with a $2,000 laptop computer? How about 80 teenagers? Covina High School gave 80 freshmen and sophomores Apple iBooks to use as their own at home and at school as an experiment in how technology can change — and perhaps improve — education.

Beatles And Apple Computer Await Court Decision

Judgment is due on Monday in a High Court battle between the Beatles' record company Apple Corps and Apple Computer Inc.

Local Students Use iPods For More Than Just Music

A group of master teachers known as the Curriculum Technology Integration Partners formed an iPod professional development group to come up with ways to use iPods in the classroom and then test those ideas.

"I Bought My First Mac Because Of Boot Camp"


NewsGator Is Making Me Cranky

I'm beginning to miss the idea of NNW syncing that happened over Apple's Sync Services and still downloaded feeds straight from the source.

The Coming Apple Revolution

While Microsoft holds a firm hand on the corporate market, Apple is fueling the creative engine of a new generation of people who will produce their own media. And they'll crave the gear to get it done.

Steve Jobs: Master Manipulator


When To Use Core Data?

When should I use Core Data in my application?


Making The Whole Widget

The philosophy of the Macintosh? Apple makes the whole widget, and makes sure that everything simply work together.

However, it seems that even though NewsGator and NetNewsWire is now one single widget, things are not working well at all.

I've a NetNewsWire license, and was looking forward to the sync. service across Mac, Windows, and the web. However, both NewsGator online and FeedDemon (the Windows desktop client) left me disappointed. Both looked, to me, Windows-y: "packed" with features while lacking in the usability department. I didn't understand half of FeedDemon, it seems, while NewsGator online didn't even allow me to sort feeds the way I wanted them to be sorted.

NetNewsWire is still a great product — and it's not even out of beta yet. But the other parts of the widget left me cold.


Will SanDisk Sour Apple's Tune?

The outfit's flash-memory factories and penchant for feature-packed, low-cost players may help its fight against the iPod juggernaut.

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