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Monday, May 15, 2006


Apple, Softbank iPod Mobile Plans In Doubt

Softbank has released a statement denying claims that it and Apple are developing mobile phones that can play songs downloaded from Apple's iTunes Music Store.

Andy Hertzfeld Talks Mac At Google

In the video, original Macintosh development team member Andy Hertzfeld discussed his time at Apple and since, and reveals some new tidbits.

Armed With An Apple Computer, Entrepreneur Makes His Mark In Lansing

Selling Sound: Bose Knows

Partly thanks to an alliance with Apple, it's already one of the most trusted brands in the U.S. Where does it go from here?

Fifty-Quid Bloke Gives Way To MP3 Woman

Women using digital downloads to circumvent intimidating record shop assistants are driving a resurgence in music sales, according to research.


'Web Kit' Vs. 'WebKit'

Question for Apple: Is it "Web Kit" or "WebKit"?

How Much Abuse Is An Apple User Willing To Take?

It is impressive that Apple was able to switch to a completely new processor so quickly, but at what cost?

iAy Caramba! MacBook Is Hot

When I smelled bacon wafting from my new computer, I was thrilled — until I realized it was the smell of my thighs igniting.

What My iBook makes Me Think About Web 2.0


20in Apple iMac


Think Different

Rory Hamilton: I love the iPod shuffle for its integration with a mental model created by the earlier iPods. It's that building on success but not being afraid to do something that others might consider a step back that's so great.

Apple vs Apple? They Can't Even Get The Right Guy, Let Alone The Right Logo...

Watch the video of how morons in a hurry catch the wrong guy for an interview...

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