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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


MacBook pros Get Speed Boost

In addition to releasing the MacBook on Tuesday, Apple also increased the speed of its professional-level MacBook Pro and added an option for the new widescreen glossy display.

Slate To 'Textcast' For iPods

It will be a text file, but in an interesting workaround, it's attached to a silent 15-minute audio file.

Audiophiles Become Ipodiophiles

Old-time audiophiles must be spinning in their soundproof graves. Thanks to hardware modifications and headphone amplifiers, the humble iPod is earning a place at the heart of the most expensive and exacting sound systems.

Symantec CEO Advocates Fair Play And Macs

"We think more people ougth to buy them," Symantec CEO John Thompson said of Apple's Macintosh computers, in response to a question from the audience at the Future in Review conference on Monday.

iPod Phenomenon

Apple Announces New MacBook

The MacBook features an Intel Core Duo processor and a 13-inch widescreen dispaly. The company claims the new Mac to be "up to five times faster than the iBook and up to four times faster than the 12-inch PowerBook."

Creative Sues Apple Over iPod Interface

Creative Technology said Monday that it has filed two legal actions against Apple, charging the popular iPod infinges on its patented technology.

Apple Updates iLife 06 Apps


Dastardly Dialogs: Overcane Of Antflower Milk #2.5

Frameworks, Kits And Caboodles

Why Do Consumers Accept DRM?

Maybe most consumers understand all too well that in the long run, it just doesn't matter. They are used to paying for the same content over and over again as the format changes.


Benchmarks: 17-Inch MacBook Pro

Model holds slight edge over 15-inch counterpart.

Little Snith 1.2: Security Software Fills The Gaps Left By Mac OS X's Firewall

Little Snith 1.2.2 strikes a good balance between automatically blocking potential problems and letting users decide what connections to allow.


BBC Apologizes

Sorry, we've gotten the wrong Guy.

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